Monday, 12 January 2015

MUA Power Brow review - Beauty

Hey Guys,
Today I have a make up review for you, its something I haven't done in Awhile although I have three lined up at the moment.

I have been on the look out for yet another eye brow product as I have hit the pan on the eye-shadow I was using for it, then even though I love the brow mascara I bought from MUA the colour isn't quite right. So I know the next product for brows I need to try was a crayon style pencil but I hadn't really seen many in the drugstore. Last week I went to Cwmbran for the day and the superdrug there had a lot more to offer so I saw this new product from the Luxe range at MUA and had to try it. 
I got it in the shade mid brown even though I am very clearly blonde. 
One end of the stick is a brown pencil which is perfect. It is really thin so its great for drawing natural looking brows especially when filling them in and its thin enough to work by going over the hairs. It also blends out really well when you go through your brows after with a spolie. I really love the colour of this as even though when swatched above it looks too dark for my blonde brows it actually isn't as it can be applied lightly or heavily depending on the effect you are after. 
On the other end is a cream highlight which is the perfect size to go just below your brow bone. personally I would have prefered a spolie on the other end as it would have been more useful for on the go brow application. I do like the highlighter, its a great cream highlight to use all over I have been using in more for contouring than for my brows. 
Overall for £3 I really recommend this product. Just be careful when buying in store as it comes in the box and there was no testers to it made it hard to get the right match. 

Let me know in the comments what your favourite brow product is?

Love Charlotte


  1. All I use is a black eye liner on mine just to fill the front bits in and it does the trick for me , I don't have them really dark just the odd touch up here and there. I really need to invest into something better though but I always try not to do too much with my brows. Great post. xox

  2. This product sounds really nice, I like the addition of the highlighter :)


  3. This product sounds really great and I've heard some really great things about it. I don't really do anything to my brows because they're so thick and unruly

  4. I love crayon products but I'm blonde too and I never seem to get it quite right trying to match the colours! I'd be willing to go out on a limb for £3 though I think. I really use to like soap and glory archery, but I use good old dipbrow these days!

    Sammy xo.