Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Nanshy 4 in 1 make up sponge - Beauty

Hey Guys,

I have another beauty review for you today. I love make up brushes, everyone knows I am a brush girl. I never use my fingers to apply foundation and I have never tried a blending sponge like the beauty blender. 

First of all its packaged beautifully. I am a sucker for baroque patterns too. 

As you can see the design is more complex than other beauty sponges. There is a fine tip which is great for getting high coverage on small intricate areas such as around your nose. Then a flat edge which is the perfect size for doing contours and blending under eye concealer. The round waist makes it ergonomically great, so easy to hold. Then the  base of the sponge is perfectly circular for all- round blending. 
Before the first use you must wet it gently for it to expend a little, honestly I didn't notice much expansion but it does work much better slightly damp....only slightly you don't want any excess water. It really does give a more flawless base and with the right foundation was it could give a near to air-brushed look. I am still a brush application girl as using a sponge does take a bit longer to blend everything in especially if you are using it for you powder, blush and concealer too but for a more formal or full faced make up look it is 100% worth it, 
Another great thing about this as like all products from Nanshy is 100% vegan and cruelty free. The thing that makes this sponge stand out from all the other sponges is the price as it is outstanding quality for only £5.95.  It goes on sale in February but you can re-order it here

Do you use the original beauty blender or a dupe?  Or are you more of a brushes girl like myself?

Love Charlotte

* This product was kindly gifted to me by Nanshy to review but all opinions are my own.

Monday, 26 January 2015

60s Vibes - Style post

Hey Guys,
Todays post is both an outfit post and a lifestyle post. Last Friday was my little brothers birthday. So yesterday we went over the bridge to Bristol for lunch in Bristol with my grandparents. We went for lunch then to take their dog for a walk in a park near to the restaurant but I'm showing in the pictures in a random order because why not!

Top: Dorothy Perkins
Coat: New Look
Skirt: New Look
Bag: New Look

These were the first photos my dad has taken with my DSLR and for my blog so I'm gonna blame him for my terrible facial expressions and bad hair haha! These are the only ones he took not quite understanding fashion blogs. 
If you follow me on twitter (@afashionoddity) you may have seen I did a naughty on-line shop at New Look with an insane code that I saw on my timeline that was giving £15 off when you spent £15 or more on new season (usually these codes are 'when you spend £50 or more) so I managed to pick up this skirt, bag an another dress all for £9,99 I know its amazing. All through this winter I have wanted a skirt like this and one simialr but in darker tones sold out in the Jnauary sales so quickly but they re-released it a lilac for sping. I love it as I felt like Twiggy or Shrimpton wearing one of the first mini skirts. It's also so soft it even feels woollen I am obsessed. 
I love this outfit especially with the turtle neck and winter coat I was so warm and it's a change from jeans that still felt comfy. I also think the bag (only £3) and necklace give it that extra touch for somewhere more formal. 

For lunch we went to a little Italian called Ciao in Bristol near Southmead (I don't know the suburbs in Bristol too well to explain where) we have been before after visiting at the hospital as it's quite near. It's a lovely local business and such a great chef. The pizzas are insane very similar to those you get in Italy (so hard to find in the U.K) For starter my brother had the mussels pictured above and I had the bruschetta which was amazing then my main was this massive tuna, sweetcorn, red onion and mozzarella pizza and I requested to add some prawns too. It was amazing. So if you live in the Bristol area I really recommend Ciao as  a brilliant change to the usual Italians like Ask, Prezzo and Pizza Express (all of which I'm obsessed with but sometimes it's nice to go a family business and somewhere a bit more personal right?)

Just a few adorable snaps of my grandparents' dog Bertie I took in the park after our meal. I hope you enjoyed this mix or fashion and lifestyle in a post. 

Love Charlotte

P.S - I have just hit 400 followers on bloglovin as I am writing this post and I cant believe it, thank you so much those of you who do follow. It means so much and I am so happy. (I know have done a giveaway the last few times I hit milestone at 100, 200 and 300 I think but I am going to wait till 500 this time as that is such a milestone.) 

Thank you x

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Make up Revolution contour palette review - Beauty

Hey Guys,

I recently picked this up on a trip into the Superdrug Beauty Studio in Cardiff . I have heard so much about Make Up Revolution as they have taken the blogsphere by a storm but had never tried them before. I have been looking for a matte bronzer or a contour palette for a while now and when I asked on twitter everyone suggested a Sleek one which is £9,99 but then I spotted this for only £4,99. 

As you can see in the top pictures it is a very slim compact which is great for travelling as it has three key products in one. I love it so far, you get a great matte bronzer that isn't too orange or muddy then a beautiful rosy natural blush and a slightly pink highlight. I have been using all three of these both together and separately. I find them very easy to blend and can be used quite sheer or heavy depending on how you build it.  

As you can see here you do have to be careful as in the bottom photo it doesnt look at all natural but I am practising with it. One problem I have found is when I do a thin line of contour then blush on the body of my check I often get a paler line in between the bronzer and blush but that is down to my application. I would also say this is great for pale skin like my self but they only have two shades in the range, fair and medium so it won't be for you if you have a darker skin tone.

So far I really love this palette, and was definietly great value. Let me know how you get on with contouring in the comments and if you've tried anything from Make up Revolution. 

Love Charlotte

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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Sales haul

Hey Guys,

The January sales are one of my favourite things. As most of you will know I hardly ever buy anything full price and even in the sales I am really stingy if the sale is 'up to 50% off' and I pick something up that's only a few quid off I will leave it there. That's why I seem to be buying less each year in the sales and just less in general. No matter how nice something is it takes a lot for me to actually buy it.

The sign of a successful January sales trip

I have heard so many good things about NYX so I grabbed the chance to try one of the lip butter gloss at only £2 as they were in the sale.

I have desperately been needing some new gloves for a while and these are perfect.

An essential reduced Candy Mountain bubble bar from lush.

How beautiful are these amazing heels I got in the new look sale for only £6!!! I cant wait to wear these in the Spring with pastels.

 I have been looking for an everyday silver necklace preferably one of the bar ones like the tops necklace, this is a set of two but can be work separately. From Miss.Selfridge.

I have had my eye on this beautiful top from TopShop for a while but couldn't justify paying £38 on a T-Shirt so I had to pick it up in the sale from £15.

I had a next Gift Card to spend but I was really struggling. I usually get jeans in there but they only had them in really dark denims so I went for something I wouldn't normally choose. I never wear coral colours (mum always said they never suit pale skin tones more for tans) and I hardly ever wear blouses. Surprisingly mum loved this but I am just not sure.

Then one the Tuesday when everyone was back at school and work me and mum went into Cwybran to meet up with some family friends for lunch but of course we did a spot of shopping before and after. Here I picked up a make up bag from Marks & Spencer in the same patteren as my much loved ikea duvet ( I am obbsessed with this pattern) this was actually new season opps, an old green day greatest hits album, the latest You me at Six album which actually came out about a year ago (opps), a book on Audrey Hepburn and the photos that remember her by. I also picked up a cute set of thank you cards that we all know I'll never use and a brow pencil from MUA which I reviewed here. The last thing I got on this trip was a beautiful blanket scarf from Accserorise I had wanted one from Christmas that I saw in New Look but I didnt recieve it, we didn't see it in their sales but I think it worked out well as I much prefer this one (look out for it in a outfit post soon)

More stuff you all think? Well yes last week on my little brothers birthday we went into PontyPridd (all you Welsh readers will be think why?)  We only went there for the late afternoon but I still managed to get this beautiful bodycon skirt with a purple and pink feather pattern, in River Island for £8. 
Then the biggest bargain of the season (sorry the photo doesn't make them look great) I found these amazing ivory jeggings with a Jaqured pattern on in Marks&Spencer from £35 that went down to £20, £17,99, £8,99 then an insane £2.49!! I know its ridiculous. I just couldn't leave them there at that price. I am planning on wear these as a formal alternative to jeans with a black blouse and heels.

So I hope you enjoyed this long haul. I definitely enjoyed shopping for it! Did you manage to pick up any insane bargains like the jeggings from £35 to £2.49?

Love Charlotte

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Black and Gold Black and Gold - Style Post!

Hey Guys,

I am back with another outfit post, hooray!! I posted one last week, the first with my new DSLR and I told you all how much I want to work on these posts and I want to get more up. 

Top: New Look
Jacket: Select 
Jeans: Next 
Necklace: New Look
Lip Stick: E.L.F Cosmetics in the shade Rich Red

I wore this for my friends birthday meal on Saturday night. The dress code is smart casual which a lot of people hate. Personally I love it. Everyone knows I live in jeans so being asked to come somewhere smart but jeans is still acceptable is just the best thing. I also spent most of the day in Cardiff shopping and for lunch at Warterloo tea rooms with Ffion which you can read about here.  
I love the simplicity of this outfit the black top, jack and shoes with the statement gold necklace and red lips and nails. 
I had this top as part of my Christmas present from my best friend Eve ( you can find her blog here) and I love it.

Hope you enjoyed this outfit post.

Love Charlotte

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Monday, 12 January 2015

MUA Power Brow review - Beauty

Hey Guys,
Today I have a make up review for you, its something I haven't done in Awhile although I have three lined up at the moment.

I have been on the look out for yet another eye brow product as I have hit the pan on the eye-shadow I was using for it, then even though I love the brow mascara I bought from MUA the colour isn't quite right. So I know the next product for brows I need to try was a crayon style pencil but I hadn't really seen many in the drugstore. Last week I went to Cwmbran for the day and the superdrug there had a lot more to offer so I saw this new product from the Luxe range at MUA and had to try it. 
I got it in the shade mid brown even though I am very clearly blonde. 
One end of the stick is a brown pencil which is perfect. It is really thin so its great for drawing natural looking brows especially when filling them in and its thin enough to work by going over the hairs. It also blends out really well when you go through your brows after with a spolie. I really love the colour of this as even though when swatched above it looks too dark for my blonde brows it actually isn't as it can be applied lightly or heavily depending on the effect you are after. 
On the other end is a cream highlight which is the perfect size to go just below your brow bone. personally I would have prefered a spolie on the other end as it would have been more useful for on the go brow application. I do like the highlighter, its a great cream highlight to use all over I have been using in more for contouring than for my brows. 
Overall for £3 I really recommend this product. Just be careful when buying in store as it comes in the box and there was no testers to it made it hard to get the right match. 

Let me know in the comments what your favourite brow product is?

Love Charlotte