Monday, 29 December 2014

What I got for Christmas 2014!

Hey Guys,

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas. 
I know not everyone enjoys or agrees with this posts but personally I love to read them and I did it last year  so once again I thought I'd share with you what goodies I received this year for Christmas.

I had Let It Snow which is a collection of three festive stories written by different authors, We were Liars by E.Lockhart which I have heard so much about and The Godess Guide from my best friend which I am so excited about. The fault in our stars then two slightly more random films I found in my stocking I had mentioned to my dad and brother how this version of Romeo and Juliet is really good and would be enjoyable for them so apparently I got it and I had been asking about Sweeny Todd as I am a massive fan of films like Edward Sissorhands and BeetleJuice and apparently this is a classic too but once I realised it once an 18 I wasn't sure as I hate anything kinda scary, if you've seen it let me know if I should watch it. Finally there is Ed Sheerans new album I am a massive fan, apparently I also have Taylor Swifts 1989 but it never arrived in time.

So much chocolate and believe it or not I had already eaten some by this point opps!! 

The beauty bits!! I had this Soap and Glory set from Ffion, the purple eye shadows and nail varnish from my little brother. I actually choose the foundation and powder for Santa, I have heard so much about the True Match foundation so I can't wait to try it. Santa also suprised we with this Fearne Cotten nails varnish set and a Look pallete in the shade Rock Chick which is interesting!

I was shocked to see this in my room from Santa!! Dad was really convincing in telling me he didn't bother getting it this year. I had it two years ago I think and it was very different stuff inside. I am not too keen on the orange and citrus scents I would rather it all be in the famous 'soap and glory scent' but I'm really excited about it! 

These were a few of the odd bits in my stocking! I am obsessed with this Alice in Wonderland candle, it's vinilla scent and has a quote on the other side. I had this really nice star necklace and the poshest ruler I have ever seen (I realise calling something posh automatically makes it less posh). Mum had then remembered how much I have wanted to try Burts Bees so got this little gift set. 

This is the cutest shoe box ever!! 

Some clothes, both of my friend Eve as well as the book! A shirt from Jack Will and a black cami from New Look. 

My main present this yeah was the canon   1200D with a kit lens and a 75-300mm zoom lens. I had wanted to take the jump from my bridge to a DSLR for ages now and as I am not studying photography at A Level my grandparents agreed. I ideally wanted one with a flip screen but as the 600D is discontinued and they are much more than this one I choose this. I took these photos with it although I'm still getting to grips with it but hopefully there will be an imrovment in my photography now. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments what you had for Christmas! 

Love Charlotte 


  1. Wow look how many amazing things you got! I am in LOVE with that collared shirt! xx

  2. Wow you got some amazing items x i also got the ed sheeran cd and the soap and glory sets x

  3. you got some amazing things!

    from helen at

  4. So many lovely presents! Jealous of the Soap & Glory stuff!

    Rachel Coco xoxo

  5. The photos you took with your new Canon 1200D are great, capturing memories from your Christmas on film and giving us a fun look at your Christmas present haul. The chocolates, stories, music, scented soaps, makeup, stocking stuffers, Alice in Wonderland candle, clothes and camera are all wonderful presents. I hope your year 2015 is a very happy one.