Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Winter tag!

Hey Guys,

The other day my friend Levi tagged me to do this on her blog. 

1) What's your favourite seasonal drink from either Starbucks/Costa or your cafe of choice?  

Mine is definitely the Black forest hot chocolate from Costa. I love both Starbucks and Costa equally (Cafe Nero being my favourite) but at Christmas time Costa win by a mile for me.

2) What's your favourite winter accessory? 

I am going to agree with Levi on this a big scarf is a must. They keep you so warm and go with everything, they have been even more stylish this ear with the insane popularity of the blanket scarf. 

3) What's your favourite winter music?

Everything christmasy. All the 80s pop Christmas songs like Wham, Elton John etc my favourite Christmas song is probably stop the Calvary by Jona Lewie. Although this year other than Christmas songs I have been listening to a lot of 5 seconds of summer and Taylor Swift. 

4)What perfume do you wear in the winter?

This isn't a perfume but I have to go with my amazing body spray in Cranberry Joy from the body shop.

5) What candles will you be burning this season?

Yankee Candles amazing snowflake cookie. Which is a very sugary scent, quite similar to Lush's Snow Fairy. 

6) What do you most love about Winter? 

All the Christmas lights shinning bright especially when i have to walk home in the dark and cosy evenings with the fire on an a hot chocolate. 

7) What's your favourite make up look for this time of year? 

Again I must agree with Levi about it being the season to pile the slap on (as classy as that wording sounds) and berry lips with dark eyes is what its all about. Not forgetting it's the only time glitter is acceptable. 

8)  What are you most looking forward to this winter? 
 Seeing the family especially my uncle and his fiancée who are coming home from Ireland for Christmas day and Christmas dinner. 

I hope you have enjoyed this tag. Big thanks to Levi for tagging me. 
I tag A South Wales blog (Levi also tagged Ffion so you have to do it now haha) Elizabeth blogs and  Little Bones blog
If you have done this tag please link it in the comments.

Love Charlotte


  1. i love Costa too. xox

  2. Great answers! ♡♥