Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The cheapest cleaser and makeup remover you'll ever buy!

Hey Guys,
Sorry I have been a bit MIA recently and not blogging as much as I'd like. I just have a quick thrifty post for you all today and its one I have been meaning to do for awhile.
A few months ago (about June) I picked this up on whim in Tesco's as I needed a new one and we are on a tight budget. I wasn't expecting much and honestly its not amazing. It claims to be a cleanser and eye make up remover. I was apprehensive about the eye make up remover and rightly so it does struggle to remove mascara but apart from that it does exactly what it says on the tube. The only other con is it can be pretty runny.

It lasts for ages I have been using it every other day since I got it in June and there is loads left, its s well loved (which you can tell by how grubby the tube is with make up)
(excuse the terrible photo I think this natural lighting in winter will be the end of me)

Time for the exciting bit the price it only cost me £1.50. You can find it online here.
So whether you are tight, a student or a busy mum. And those of you who still use make up wipes this is a great way to try a cleanser without jumping in the deep end.
For 80p I really suggest you pick this up while on your weekly food shop.
I hope you enjoyed this. Also this is kinda irrelevant but if you read my blog regularly say hi in the comment and if your from outside the U.K (I lot of you are according to my stats) I was wondering if anyone you be up for doing a beauty box swap please say hi.
Love Charlotte


  1. This is so cheap! Deffo have to try this out :-) thanks for the post x

    1. Ikr! You must, let me know what you think. You are welcome thanks for reading and commenting x

  2. oooo wow , I need some of this the face wipes just don't do the trick anymore , I hope that doesn;t mean I am wearing too much make up lol xox


  3. I never would have thought to try Tesco's own brand! I'm one for budget makeup and makeup removers but even I have been too snobby too. Definitely going to have to give it a try now.

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