Thursday, 16 October 2014

It was on a starry night - Pink jeans and star print jumper!

Hey Guys,
Today I just have a very quick outfit post for you.

Jumper - Next (kids section)
Jeans - Topshop
Bag - RiverIsland

Boots - Deichmann
 I love this outfit. It's so casual and cosy yet still makes quite a bold statement its perfect for autumn days (hope the Christmas carol inspired title wasn't too much)

I wanted to make the most of getting Autumn leaves into my photos.
Stars are one of my favourite prints and its also very Christmassy so each year this jumper lasts me all through till January. Everyone loves Topshop Leigh jeans they are a fashion bloggers cult classic and everyone needs a pair of jeans in the brightest pink imaginable right?
I recently got these boots from Deichmenn quite recently as I have been looking for a new pair of boots for ages but ever pair of Chelsea boots I tried I would struggle to get my foot in and out so when I spotted these with a secret zip on the inside at only £17.99 I just had to get them.

Love Charlotte


  1. Your Topshop Leigh jeans are my absolute favourite colour! I LOVE that shade of pink! I also love the star jumper you styled the jeans with. Fabulous outfit!

    1. Yeah its my favourite shade of pink too. Aw thank you so much. x

  2. Lovely outfit Charlotte,you look great! x

  3. love the simplicity of the outfit! lovely jumper

  4. That jumper is so cute! x

    1. Aw I agree. You wouldn't believe its from the kids sections.
      Thanks x

  5. I want a star jumper.
    Or sweater. As we canadian would say.


    Ruth @

  6. Those pink jeans are amazing. I'd have never have thought to look for some a bright pair, but I love them x
    Heroine In Heels