Monday, 6 October 2014

Balancing blogging with school #teenblogseries

Hey Guys,
I wasn't sure what to write for this weeks #teenblogseries topic, which is how to balance your studies and you blog as its not something I am an expert at or in any position to be giving advice on but here are my tips that I should really start following my self.

Organisation: -  This first tip applies to both school and blogging. If you are in school I am sure you are given a Planner (or diary each school seems to have a different name for it but a homework planner of some sort)however when you get to college, university or work you are too old and 'independent' for one so most people just write their homework on scrap paper that they lose but as I enjoy being organised I get my self an academic diary. They can be quite expensive but each year I get this one from Morrison's which is only £1.50 or something.

I take this every where and I use it for every aspect of my life. As you can see above I use colour coded pens to separate collage, work, blog and other (parties, appointments etc) sometimes this can be really difficult to stick to but I enjoy it. This just gives me targets for when homework or posts are due and helps be keep on top of things.
I also have a notebook specifically for bogging.

- I use this for every thing...I have a page for all my login in details, important emails etc then each month as you can see above on the first day of the month I write all my current statistics then I give my self some targets or goals to aim to hit through the month then I list all my post ideas which I tick as I go through the month and any work with brands I am doing etc. I was this notebook daily its such a lifesaver.
- I also am a big fan of to do lists. Once a week I write a big one with everything I need t do from homework to presents I need to buy just anything on my mind that must be done it gets noted and hopefully ticked off.
Photos: - Take all your blog photos in a go apart from outfit photos which are much easier to take as and when you wear an outfit for your blog rather than changing 10 times to get all the photos.
- Be careful with your SD cards especially if you use your camera a lot for other things make sure everything is backed up and just don't drop it. I study photography as well so I am often taking my camera into class with my SD card full of blog photos and not my photography work so make sure they are labelled.
Writing: - Give your self a realistic schedule (at the moment I blog 3 times a week which is fine however when the work starts to pile up or if I manage to get a part time job I will bring this down) think about how much homework you are getting and how long it takes you to write a post then just give yourself a schedule even if that means your blogging once a fortnight as long as you stick to it you'll be okay.
- Once you have your schedule and your list of post ideas it will become so easy to write all your posts up ready to publish later in the week. If you can do this on one free evening then all that's left to do during the week is self promote and emails so it works out so effectively.
Others: - Make sure you have all the apps of everything you use in regards to blogging this way I can use my tablet for replying to emails, twitter chats evening editing photos whilst watching the days soaps rather than it taking another hour as I would have to be sat on the computer.
Lastly always put your school work or job before your blog. ALWAYS!
I hope you have enjoyed this post and found it somewhat useful.
Love Charlotte


  1. post! I love that notebook x

  2. Thanks your right! school comes before everything!

    Jennos Health.

  3. Great post, very useful tips!