Friday, 24 October 2014

A tribute to Oscar De La Renta - Favourite designers

Hey Guys,
About a year ago I wrote this post about my favourite designer of the moment Lelia Shams and I don't know why it was a one of post so when I woke up to the devastating news on Tuesday morning of De La Rentas passing I thought I could possibly continue this series and talk about one of my favourite designers.
To me and to many De La Renta was the king of fairy-tale ball gowns. It is clear in every design and quote that he loved woman he created dresses to make women feel amazing about themselves and to empower them. His work is so classic and feminine he knew how to dress a woman and show her personality. Every girl dreams of a De La  Renta dress and feeling like a princess.

De La Renta first found fame when working for the couturiers who dressed Jackie Kennedy. He then set up his own label in New York in 1965. His label has dressed the first ladies, the queens of film and screen and most recently he created Mrs. Clooneys wedding dress. There was even a Sex and the City episode dedicated to the designer.

So here I have picked out just a few of my favourite De La Renta pieces.

A little twist  on the something blue from his bridal range.

I also wanted to share with you all a few of my favourite De La Renta quotes that I think we should all live by and a few that I just simply love.

"A woman makes an outfit with her own accessories"

"We live in an era of globalisation and the era of the woman. Never in the history of the world have women been more in control of their destiny"

"Walk like you have three men walking behind you"

"My role as a designer is to make a woman feel her very best"

"You can never been overdressed or overeducated"

I hope his style and ethos of empower women can continue and I look forward to seeing the future of Oscar De La Renta's fashion house and finally rest in peace Oscar De La Renta.

I hope you have enjoyed this slightly different post. Let me know in the comments your favourite De La Renta dress that I pictured above and let me know if you like more posts like this.

Love Charlotte

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Bow prints and knitwear

Hey Guys,
I have another outfit post for you all today. I am on top form with these at the moment which I am really pleased with.

Jumper - New Look (old)
Skirt - Select (can't find link)
This outfit is so casual and simple. I love the monochrome feel too it and how cosy it is for the cold months. Although I did feel like a school girl tucking the white jumper into a black skater skirt. How cute are these bow print tights? They are so soft and they add a subtle pattern to the outfit. I wore this outfit last Friday which was actually Charnos' National stockings day for breast cancer which is a great idea (you can find out more on their website here)
I hope you have enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments if you like patterned tights? They are not something I would normally go for.
Love Charlotte
*These products have been sent to  me as a gift, PR sample or for consideration of review but as always all opinion's are my own.

Monday, 20 October 2014

My Fashion Icons #teenblogseries

Hey Guys,
I don't just have one fashion icon, who does? I was a bit clueless when choosing who to write about for this weeks post. I have decided to write about a few of my favourites but even now I am struggling. I love many women's style I just don't reflect their style in mine. So these are not woman who I aspire to dress like everyday although maybe I would feel more comfortable to dress that way I was their age or their figure etc.
First up is Taylor Swift now I love this woman so much have been a fan since I first heard love story. She is 99% of the time on top form on the red carpet with classic ball gowns and just owing everyone. On the streets she looks great in day dresses, wrapped up fro winter whatever but she always looks very feminine (no jeans in sight), clean cut and classic. There are so many outfits I could have chosen to show but these were a few that caught my eye.

Next up with have Lilly Collins. again I am a big fan of Lilly. Unlike Taylors style this is a lot more me I would love to have Lilly's wardrobe. She is rock and very casual but still with a perfect hint of sophistication. She looks great in jeans and a band tea or in a big dress on the red carpet.
Her outfits are so classic and simple but still show her personality and she still looks comfortable. Lilly's style is so inspirational for me I really do aim to have a similar look.  

Thanks for reading I hope you have enjoyed this post. Of course there are many more I can talk about. I love Audrey Hepburn's style, Debbie Harry and Nicole Richie are just a few more.  Please let me know in the comments your style icons.
Love Charlotte Anstee

Thursday, 16 October 2014

It was on a starry night - Pink jeans and star print jumper!

Hey Guys,
Today I just have a very quick outfit post for you.

Jumper - Next (kids section)
Jeans - Topshop
Bag - RiverIsland

Boots - Deichmann
 I love this outfit. It's so casual and cosy yet still makes quite a bold statement its perfect for autumn days (hope the Christmas carol inspired title wasn't too much)

I wanted to make the most of getting Autumn leaves into my photos.
Stars are one of my favourite prints and its also very Christmassy so each year this jumper lasts me all through till January. Everyone loves Topshop Leigh jeans they are a fashion bloggers cult classic and everyone needs a pair of jeans in the brightest pink imaginable right?
I recently got these boots from Deichmenn quite recently as I have been looking for a new pair of boots for ages but ever pair of Chelsea boots I tried I would struggle to get my foot in and out so when I spotted these with a secret zip on the inside at only £17.99 I just had to get them.

Love Charlotte

Friday, 10 October 2014

Casual Autumn outfit - Guest Post from Sweetheart Fashion

Hey lovelies!
 I’m Sweetheart Fashion from the fashion and style blog, Sweetheart Fashion Blog on I’ve teamed up with A Fashion Oddity to create a causal autumn outfit collaboration which has turned into a very exciting style challenge for me.
Sunglasses – Gucci
Shirt – DrDenim
Cami – Marks and Spencer
Leggings – New Look
Shoes – TOMS
I love to dress up, wearing pretty lace clothes, monochrome shades and high heels, as you may have noticed from my outfit of the day posts. But my boyfriend keeps nagging me to stop overdressing and just wear casual things from time to time, I am still a university student after all where the norm is tracksuits and hoodies…that is if you’ve managed to stave off a hangover and change from your pjs.
So when asked to collaborate with the wonderful Charlotte for a causal autumn outfit, I thought now would be a great time to push myself out of my comfort zone and try something new.
Taking inspiration from Topshop
I put together a causal outfit for a very busy Monday.
Sunglasses – Gucci
Shirt – DrDenim
Cami – Marks and Spencer
Leggings – New Look
I wore my boyfriend’s DrDenim plaid shirt for an oversize casual feel and had it unbuttoned, showing just a plain cami underneath. This is my favourite of his shirts; he used to wear it often when I fell for him three years ago now so it’s filled with a lot of love; and the shirt itself is great being thick and soft, so it’s really comfy.
 Sunglasses – Gucci
Shirt – DrDenim
Cami – Marks and Spencer
Leggings – New Look
Shoes – TOMS
Unfortunately I don’t have any ripped black jeans just yet so instead I went for these simple black leggings. I haven’t worn leggings in years and had totally forgotten just how comfy they are. It was nice wearing something so flexible and thankfully these weren’t see-through either.
 Sunglasses – Gucci
Shirt – DrDenim
Cami – Marks and Spencer
Leggings – New Look
Shoes – TOMS
I completed the look by wearing my new TOMS. After buying the cute crochet ones for my cruise this summer (see HERE) and discovering just how comfy they are, I bought some of these navy blue ones to wear over autumn. I really love wearing them!
 Sunglasses – Gucci
Shirt – DrDenim
Cami – Marks and Spencer
Leggings – New Look
I also went for extra-large bed-head with my natural curls and minimal, natural looking make-up. Overall, I was actually really surprised just how great I felt all day. It is worth dressing down from time to time whilst still looking on-trend and comfortable. I really enjoyed the experience and will definitely be experimenting with it more over the autumn.
What’s your favourite go-to casual outfit this autumn?
If you’d like to see and read about more of my outfits, check out my blog at

Thursday, 9 October 2014

St.Davids Student Lock in 2014

Hey Guys,
So on Tuesday me and Ffion headed into Cardiff for this years lockin'. I filmed bits for a vlog so I wont talk you through everything we did.
I picked up loads of free goodies most of which went pretty quickly like some vitamin water and nachos.
I got given loads of goodie bags from various companies however most of it wasn't relevant to me as it is either about uni flats or nightclubs etc but these were the best of the bunch. We also took great advantage of the photo booths.

I was really pleased to get some Propercorn as I have been wanting to try it for ages and its amazing. Most pleaces giving sample drinks or three shots obiously asked for ID but this company oddka handed us some. Mine is in the flavour salted caramel popcorn.

Surprisingly I didn't get much at all. I spent well under £20. I got a lovely Autumnal nail varnish from Barry M with 20% off. A tea tree spot gel from the body shop for only £4.20 as it had 30% off and I also got a hat. If you saw my Autumn wishlist you will have seen a berry toned one from topshop but this one from Select was around 75% cheaper and as I'm not sure how often I'll wear it I just decided to grab this one if though the colour isn't want I was initially looking for.
Here is my vlog from the day. Excuse the dreadful thumbnail, I'm still at that stage where YouTube doesn't let you choose a thumbnail and it just selects a screenshot from the video. Great thanks for that YouTube.  
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. Let me know in the comments if you have been to a lock in in your city.
Love Charlotte

Monday, 6 October 2014

Balancing blogging with school #teenblogseries

Hey Guys,
I wasn't sure what to write for this weeks #teenblogseries topic, which is how to balance your studies and you blog as its not something I am an expert at or in any position to be giving advice on but here are my tips that I should really start following my self.

Organisation: -  This first tip applies to both school and blogging. If you are in school I am sure you are given a Planner (or diary each school seems to have a different name for it but a homework planner of some sort)however when you get to college, university or work you are too old and 'independent' for one so most people just write their homework on scrap paper that they lose but as I enjoy being organised I get my self an academic diary. They can be quite expensive but each year I get this one from Morrison's which is only £1.50 or something.

I take this every where and I use it for every aspect of my life. As you can see above I use colour coded pens to separate collage, work, blog and other (parties, appointments etc) sometimes this can be really difficult to stick to but I enjoy it. This just gives me targets for when homework or posts are due and helps be keep on top of things.
I also have a notebook specifically for bogging.

- I use this for every thing...I have a page for all my login in details, important emails etc then each month as you can see above on the first day of the month I write all my current statistics then I give my self some targets or goals to aim to hit through the month then I list all my post ideas which I tick as I go through the month and any work with brands I am doing etc. I was this notebook daily its such a lifesaver.
- I also am a big fan of to do lists. Once a week I write a big one with everything I need t do from homework to presents I need to buy just anything on my mind that must be done it gets noted and hopefully ticked off.
Photos: - Take all your blog photos in a go apart from outfit photos which are much easier to take as and when you wear an outfit for your blog rather than changing 10 times to get all the photos.
- Be careful with your SD cards especially if you use your camera a lot for other things make sure everything is backed up and just don't drop it. I study photography as well so I am often taking my camera into class with my SD card full of blog photos and not my photography work so make sure they are labelled.
Writing: - Give your self a realistic schedule (at the moment I blog 3 times a week which is fine however when the work starts to pile up or if I manage to get a part time job I will bring this down) think about how much homework you are getting and how long it takes you to write a post then just give yourself a schedule even if that means your blogging once a fortnight as long as you stick to it you'll be okay.
- Once you have your schedule and your list of post ideas it will become so easy to write all your posts up ready to publish later in the week. If you can do this on one free evening then all that's left to do during the week is self promote and emails so it works out so effectively.
Others: - Make sure you have all the apps of everything you use in regards to blogging this way I can use my tablet for replying to emails, twitter chats evening editing photos whilst watching the days soaps rather than it taking another hour as I would have to be sat on the computer.
Lastly always put your school work or job before your blog. ALWAYS!
I hope you have enjoyed this post and found it somewhat useful.
Love Charlotte

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Lush Christmas range and blogger event

Hey guys,
On Friday I went to my first ever blogger event. I was kinda nervous but mainly excited I had heard so many good things about previous Lush events so I couldn't wait.
I first met with Kerry, Alice, Charli, Briley and Amy in Starbucks for a drink.
At 7 we all headed over to Lush a bit late and they had already closed the doors opps.

First things first the wall of Christmas gift boxes.

This one caught our eye. Its a mini advent calendar for the 12 days of Christmas filled with loads of festive goodies and how beautiful is the packaging?

An old classic the father Christmas bath ballistic. Next to it is a new one for this year which is inspired by the northern lights and its being demonstrated in my above photos which do not do it justice. It has all my favourite colours in with loads of mini stars then the more blue and greens appear just like the sky during the northern lights it is just magical one of my favourites from the new range.

Now onto my favourite part the bubble bars. Starting with Caddy mountain which I love.

How cute is the Christmas hedgehog?

Theres a few familier faces like the melting snowman and Christmas eve ( I had too fellow bloggers ask me where the one was and I directed them I really think I should be working at Lush haha) but a lot of new ones like Drum and Hedgehog.

Ah Snow Fairy is back in all its glory.

A new one (I think) called Hot Toddy which is a much spicier one than snow fairy and reminds me of mulled wine.

Lots of new bath ballistics some a back from last year some are complelty new.

This really new product really excited me as I love the massage bars and I love snow fairy so this year they have decided to combine the two and its amazing.

How cute is this limited edition Fun bar to create your own little snowman or penguin then but him in the bath and the best bit 10p goes to the Lush fund which is a great cause.

My first mince pie of the season (only 3 days into October I know its mad) and a drink inspired by Snow fair which was a lovely raspberry lemonade with glitter in...amazing.

They really do love Snow Fairy!

A very glittery pumpkin for Halloween.

A lovely member of staff demonstrating the Holly Golightly bubble bar.

Look how pretty it is!

It's all so beautiful!

Oh look its me with the wonderful Jaye and Dina who I have spoken to a lot on twitter and it was so lovely to meet in real life.

With the beautiful Charlotte from who I work with on the @welshbloggers_ and I love her blog so it was awesome to meet her.
I was surprised and how there was nothing organised for us all together like a group as there was so many girls I didn't get a chance to speak to but I had a lovely time and going to an amazing event like this made all this blogging feel real more than just an online world.

We were kindly given goodie bags at the end too.

This is a new Christmas shower gel that's very fruity and fresh. I wouldn't normally go for this as I hate apples but I'm sure I will get lots of use out of it.

Here we have the Father Christmas bath ballistic which is great and I also got my favourite bubble bar ever candy mountain  which is amazing. This is such a great goodie bag as they aren't samples.

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if the comments your favourite products from the new ranges at lush. 

Love Charlotte