Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The cheapest chocker on the high street!!

Hey Guys,
So just a quick post today. All through the summer I had been looking for a chocker. I originally saw one in Topshop in about June for £5 and I didn't get it as I felt that was very overpriced. Every time I went back in the store I couldn't find their basic £5 tattoo chocker anywhere they had sets with a necklace too for £10 but I couldn't find the original one anywhere. Every shop I was in over the summer like Primark, Miss Selfridge and New Look I would ask if the had any chocker's in stock and no one did.
Yesterday I was in my local New Look just having a browse and I spotted a few months on they had finally caught up with the trend with this bad boy for only £1.99!!
I am now so glad I didn't pay a fiver in Topshop especially as I don't think it suits me very much and it is a trend that will pass very quickly I'm sure.
I hope you have enjoyed this post and I hope to do more of these short bargain or money saving related in the future. Thanks!
Love Charlotte


  1. Fab little post :) Definitely a good job you didn't buy the first one, what a rip off! I remember these chockers from my childhood #90skid! Can't believe they're trying to bring them back, as you say, it'll probably pass soon lol xoxo


    1. Aw thank you! Definitely Topshop always is a rip off though. Haha yup I don't love them but some girls can really pull them off and make them look a lot less tacky than others. xoxo