Monday, 22 September 2014

Skincare Routine #teenblogseries

Hey guys,
For this weeks teen blog series we are talking all things skincare. I don't get that excited about skincare products like some bloggers and I believe once again that less is more. Someone who uses 30 expensive products a day wont always have better skin. 

Most of these products I have talked about before but I haven't actually done a full routine for you.

So these are the products I use most.

Superdrug superberry mud mask - Read my full review here 
 The Body Shop tea tree facial scrub and day lotion - Read my full review here 
Clinique liquid facial soap
Plamers Cocoa butter lipbalm

A good face mask is an essential for any age and this one is perfect for us teens as it is well under £3 I use this great mask about once a fortnight to freshen up my skin.
My daily moisturiser is the tea tree skin clearing lotion from the body shop and its amazing its a good way to get a little bit of tea tree into your routine and moisturises well. I know I should use it both morning and night but with those early school mornings it is very easy to forget.
I have too face washes on the go my favourite is actually a scrub also from the body shop which I use most evenings (when I remember) it takes of all the make up and really exfoliates and when my skin is feeling a bit too sensitive for a heavy  scrub or I am washing my face in the morning to start the day I use my Clinique wash.
I am not sure if lip care comes under skincare but it is part of my routine so the lip balm I am loving right now is this cocoa butter formula which is so great I use it every day. I love how basic it is with no fancy scents or anything and as we are coming into winter those lips need extra protection.

Love Charlotte


  1. Great post! I also did this post yesterday. Check it out here:

  2. I have the tea tree night lotion, it's so good! I'm thinking about getting a few more products from the range :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

    1. Ah yeah I had a sample of that. I want to try the BB cream or concealer in the range because I try to avoid covering my face in bad products but if it has tea tree it will be great x