Thursday, 4 September 2014

September is upon us....#2014bloggerchallenge

Hey guys,
So today was my first day of year 13 in college, so my last year before university or work. The topic this time for the #2014bloggerchallenge is new begins and that's exactly what September is for me. I am not one for resolutions at New Years however I always feel the need in September. I come back after a long refreshing break and I reflect on last year and its important to learn from the mistakes I made I last year whatever they may be. I already know just how hard I am going to have to work this year. I didn't do half as well as I could've with last years exams and I'm now picking up Photography AS ( so we will see this time next year if my blog photography has improved haha) instead of carrying on with art which means I wont even get 4 full A Levels at the end so if I do decide to go to university I will need to work extremely hard this year.
- I have started this yeah with a big stationary shop.
All the essentials!
- This year I am going to try and write summary notes when I get home each evening making sure I understood everything in the lesson and to help it stick in. This should also be a good start to revision notes. This will be so useful just really tricky to stick to. when I come home from a stressful day I will go straight to YouTube or something and not writing out notes that isn't even homework.
- I will be also putting college work as my first priority and leaving not much time and energy for the other distractions in life like blogs, boys and books. (see what I did there ya see)
I just need to find the motivation and focus in me to do my best this year, the only problem is that even after one day back I feel so tired and drained I don't know what I will be like in six months after all the homework and university applications just as revision and exams come along.
So wish me luck for this year and good luck yourself for what ever this new term means for you whether that be GCSEs, A levels , uni or a job. We will talk and help each other out in the comments!
Love Charlotte


  1. Yes, they all start with b! And yeah, I agree, these are some great goals! I'm going to try to work on summary notes too instead of watching so many youtube ;)

    Every Day In Grace

    1. Indeed! Thanks. Haha yup I totally agree YouTube is such a distraction