Monday, 1 September 2014

My Brow and Foundation top tips! #teenblogseries

Hey guys,
For this weeks teen blogger series I was a bit unsure about today topic as I don't have a great routine for either and I defiantly don't use any fancy products but here we are anyway.
So my biggest tip is 'less is more'!!!

So here is the dreaded no make up photo so you can see the difference in my eyebrows before and after.

All I do to my eyebrows on a daily basis is brush them through with a spolie, then I fill them in with one of the darkest shades in this small palate from Boots to finish I use this clear mascara from the Natural Collection at boots to set them in place. I never do anything else to my eyebrows aside from plucking the odd stray hair. I am happy with my natural brows so I am yet to started going for different brow treatments. This is also because I am too scared which is okay. It is probably better to not pluck them than to pluck them too much and ruin them for life. 

For foundation I recommend leaving it as long as possible before you start covering your face in the stuff every day. I bought my first foundation a year ago and to this day I only own 3 (how I can call myself a beauty blogger I don't know) You many look and feel better day to day with foundation on however over time it will wreck your skin. Aside from 'teenage spots' all the other spots I get come from covering my face is crap basically. Foundation was created for older woman and unless you need it don't use it. However if you really want to I suggest a BB or CC cream of some kind. I love the one sown above from Gosh. These claim to be made from a lot more natural ingredients and are a lot lighter on your skin. I use this on a day to day basis followed by a bit of the Collection lasting perfection concealer on those areas that need a bit more coverage however when I have a really bad spot that is massive, sore and bright red I don't use concealer I try to keep it a clean as possible this way it will heal a lot quicker.

So here I my finished make up look. As you can see in the top picture my eyebrows look a lot more defined yet still very natural which is perfect for school and everyday wear. You can see how light the coverage of the foundation is but I still think my skin looks much fresher.
I hope you have enjoyed this post. Thanks and please link you #teenblogseries posts in the comments.
Love Charlotte


  1. Great routine! I do a more understated eye makeup look too, I'm doing the series if you want to take a look: :)

    Maddie xx

    1. Thanks. I don't always but I do love an understated make up look. Oh awesome. xx