Monday, 15 September 2014

Easy ways to be healthier #teenblogseries

Hey Guys,
So this weeks topic for the teen bog series is a healthy recipe or tips. I wasn't really sure what to do for this and as my laptop has been sent off for repair I have been a bit stuck so this post isn't as great as I would've liked.

Now for my first point I am not sure if this is healthier but its tastier and I wanted to share it with you all any way. When doing out food shop recently in Sainsbury's we spotted these pans with handles to BBQ pizza reduced to only 70p so of course we had to get some. So using our new BBQ we grilled some pizzas instead and wow they taste amazing! The base has a crisp taste to it which is almost as if they were cooked in an Italian stove burner. it really is worth BBQing your pizzas.

Next for something not so original but amazing and healthy. As a kid yogurt meant things like Cadbury chocolate ones or those amazing Rolo yogurt pots. I had always liked Greek yogurt but it had never been that exciting until I tried the Yeo Valley Greek yogurt with honey. (I also love Yeo Valley as their HQ and farms are in the same Somerset village where my grandparents live) (sorry I don't have a picture)  This is a great way of having Greek yogurt but it still being a sweet desert style too. Just add as much or as little fruit and it becomes a really filling snack.
As a massive foodie and junk food lover I love finding easy ways to still eat sweet foods but just slightly healthier.
I hope you have enjoyed this post and of course link your #teenblogseries posts or tell me about any recipes I could try that are sweet but healthier in the comments.
Love Charlotte

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  1. I love making pizza too! And whoa I've never heard of those kinds of yogurts! Sounds so good though :) You can check out my healthy recipe too- I chose a yummy snack!