Sunday, 17 August 2014

The one thing that has got me drinking more water!

Hey guys,
Drinking lots of water has always been something that I have struggled with. I know you are supposed to have like 8 glasses a day or something ridiculous and it always made sense as our bodies are 75% water but I just never did. As a kid water is boring and I would always rather have squash or juice. I have always been a big juice drinker and I love my fizzy drinks so I think I only ever drank water at school as I always carry a bottle of water with me without even thinking about it.
Recently I saw this on Pinterest (follow me here) and I thought about how this would be a good place to start drinking more water.
Then I saw one of these awesome cups in one of M's videos (if you don't watch M's videos you need to she is amazing and I have known here for years in the McFly fandom and now she is making it big on YouTube) find here channel here 
Ever since I saw this video I was like I need one of those cups in my life and now everyone has been getting one. I saw some really cool ones in Urban outfitters with different slightly grown up slogans on but they were £12, M got her's from Matalan but I don't have one near me so I kept looking then one day I was in pound stretcher (which is another one of those bargain shops we have a lot of in the U.K which I mention a lot on here) and I found some in loads of different colours for only £1.99. So I picked up two one in pink and another in the blue for my little brother.


You can see how I got this make up look here.
I think the novelty of having something so cool to drink my water from has helped but also I will have it in one hand slurping away with my phone in the other on twitter and before I know it is empty. For someone who never drunk water I am not getting through about 4 or 5 cups full now thanks to this. as it is plastic its also great for BBQs and stuff outside. I don't just use it for water I have also had iced coffee ( I might be doing a post on how I make my own iced coffee soon) and iced tea in this cup.
I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments if you go and check out M's YouTube channel and your top tips on drinking more water. Thanks!
Love Charlotte


  1. I try hard to drink more water but I forget when I wake up/before meals etc. It's great you're raising awareness and I hope to discipline myself properly and drink more water now that I've read this and watched M's video. Thanks for sharing!

    Christina @

    1. Yeah its supposed to make such a difference. Aw thank you so much. You are welcome. Aw!

  2. Fabulous post! I'm really bad for this. I only really drink water so if I don't drink water I'm having nothing which is really bad. I'm sure having a funky bottle like yours would help me too :) I'll definitely be trying harder to stick to it ;) Thanks! xoxo