Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Summer day time look - Collab with Style Storms

Hey Guys,
I am so excited for this post. Today I am collaborating with the lovely Amy from Style Storms to show you two interpretations of a classic make up look. This will be a mini series on A Fashion Oddity, each Wednesday I will show you a new blogger and a new make up look so I hope you all enjoy.
Today Amy and myself are doing a summer day time look. The first thing that springs to mind when I think of summer make up is colour however this is a daytime look so I wanted to keep it simple.

The colour is so subtle it hardly shows up on camera. I did a summer make up base by using a light CC cream, a pink blusher (live pink from rimmel London) with my trusty collection long lasting perfection concealer. I did my usual eyebrow routine then I used a champagne pink shade from my MUA undressed make up palate over my top eye lid. Then using an eyeliner brush I put a thin line of a bright blue eye shadow shade along my bottom eye lash line. I completed this make up look with my Natural Collection lip gloss in the shade sherbet fizz. This is a very pretty pastel make up look for any occasion I think. Let me know what you think of the look in the comments.
Now head over to to see Amy's look. You can find her on twitter @stylesortms_ and you can follow here on bloglovin here
I hope you enjoyed this post and check back next week. 
Love Charlotte
P.S. I just wanted to pay my respects on my blog to Robin Williams, this was the first celebrity deaths I have been truly upset about. He was a legend and a genius who brought a smile to my face so many times. Also good luck to anyone getting A level or AS (me) results tomorrow <3