Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Back to school make up look - collab with Peacock Beauty

Hey Guys,
Welcome to this weeks blogger collab make up look. Now sadly for many including myself I only have a few days left of our summer holidays so I thought a back to school look would be the perfect look for this weeks post. This week I am collaborating with the lovely Becky from so be sure to check out her post too.
Now I know many schools have very strict make up rules but this wont be a 'no make up make up' look. As some of you may know I go to college rather than sixth form (you can read my post about this decision here) and one benefit of this is that I don't have a uniform so I am a bit more free with my make up to college. However I still go there to learn and nothing else plus I would always rather sleep in the morning than spend ages on my make up so this is a very simple make up look no bright colours, no contouring etc.

( I don't know what was up with me when I took these shoots my emotions look from one extreme to the other but ah well)

So I used a CC cream then lots of concealer (my skin is so bad right now) and nothing else on my face as I didn't want a big fuss with bronzers and blushes. I filled in and gelled my eye brows as normal. Then I used the lightest shades in my trusty MUA palette and did a cat eye with black eye liner as the main focus of my look. I did a light coat of mascara and to complete the look I just used a 'my lips but better' lip-gloss shade from Natural Collection.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and I hope you aren't too nervous about back to school. Let me know in the comments if you decide to check out Becky's blog for her back to school make up look.

Love Charlotte

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  1. MUA palettes always look so good, to bad they don't have them where I live! And I love the look you came up with :) Sucks that school is starting soon!

    Every Day In Grace

    1. Aw no, can you order them online? They really are one of my favourite make up products ever. Aw thank you, so glad you do. It does indeed x