Wednesday, 6 August 2014

A summmer holiday in Devon pt.2

Hey guys,
So here is the second part of my holiday in Devon (you can see the first few days here).
On the Sunday we just had a chill day at the caravan site, I was in the pool most of the day then we went food shopping to get stuff for a BBQ.
I decided I was the pro BBQer and took charge haha

We also made s'mores (I think that's how they are spelt) which my dad hadn't heard off and rosted marshmallows.
After are yummy BBQ we headed off for a walk. Our caravan site is right beside the railway line that the Dartmouth steam train goes along so we did the walk that goes along side the railway.

We came across this wonderful field that had a view of Torquay one side and Brixham to the other with the beach in front, there were a few couple sat having picnics looking very cute, what a beautiful place for a date on a summers evening? My parents got engaged in a field in Caerphilly I said how this is a field with a much better view.

A beautiful view of Goodrington beach from the top.
On Monday we went into Torquay for the day. I love Torquay its brilliant for shopping and there is some wonderful things to do my favourite is the living coast zoo (a zoo for animals that live by the zoo)  we went the first time we came on holiday to Devon and seeing all the penguins and seals in real life was the cutest. It has all the usual shops like H&m, Primark and New Look but also a lot of cute independent shops including Hoopers which is their independent department store similar to House of Fraser which has an amazing beauty department and a wide range of designers not forgetting the amazing café on the top floor that looks across the harbour, seriously it is worth going in just for the view. There is a beach, a big wheel and a beautiful harbour with lots of restaurants.  

I didn't get many photos of Torquay as I spent most of the day in the shops opps. haha! But see how pretty the harbour is?
When then went to Prezzo for dinner which as always was amazing (I am sure I have mentioned my love for Prezzo on here before in my Valentines day post and last summer haha)
OOer whos looking very sunburnt? haha

I had this delicious king prawn risotto with salmon and leek! YUM!

 On Tuesday we went to the Splashdown which is apparently to U.Ks biggest water park!! It was amazing. I went on 7/8 slides just leaving out the death slide. There were three that you go down on with mats, on tunnel slide which is the fastest there, two that you go down in donoughts, and two that are sheer drops that you go down alone one is the death slide and the other is a little more bumpy which I actually went on and when you climb up to the top of a slide you get an amazing view of the beach. We paid for two hours and it was amazing the queues done last too long so I went on each slide at least four times and there are a few different pools and things for toddlers.  

I hope you enjoyed this post and the final instalment should be up on the weekend so keep an eye out.
Love Charlotte

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  1. I've never tried roasted marshmallows :( even though my blog's name would suggest the opposite... Those BBQ pictures have made me hungry. I've nominated you for a sunshine award, you can read all about it here: