Tuesday, 19 August 2014

A Summer holiday in Devon pt.3

Hey guys,
So here is the third and final instalment of my holiday posts. (part one is here and part two here) I hope you have been enjoying them.
 On Wednesday we headed off on an hours drive from Torbay to Salcombe. Which was "our big day trip of the holiday" I quote. I had only heard about Salcombe due to it being the home and birth places (correct me if I am wrong) of both Jack Wills and Joules.
But boy this little seaside town was more than just an expensive shopping destination. I fell in love with the view as so as I stepped out of the car and started snapping away with my camera. It was a lot smaller than I expected. All the shops are on one street with a few narrow lanes with restaurants leading down to the harbour where you can get quick little ferries across to the beaches on the other side.

I really wish I had the chance to get the boat across to these little beaches....beautiful!


The main high street is full of pretty bunting, restaurants and such a wide range of wonderful shops. Pretty much heaven right?

A pink sweet shop what more do I need in life.

This man made the best fudge I have ever tasted right in front of me.

YUM! Chocolate malteser flavour ice cream.

Ah the original Jack Wills.

This was one of my favourite independent shops I went in. It is called Amelia's Attic and sells such a variety of beautiful stuff. Everything from the stock right down to the wallpaper is beautiful. I wanted to buy literally everything. This was the kind of shop I dream of owning. I really felt in my little heaven here. Oh and for all you Made in Chelsea fans out there this shop is owned by Cheskas mum.

This shop was like a dream, she even sold Victoria Beckham.

Another cute home ware shop. Salcombe is full of these kinda of shops that sell pretty little bits that you really don't need but want like candles and dainty ornaments.


On the way back from Salcombe we stopped off at Totness. However most of the shops were closed (what was the point?) i took photos of like 30 cute shops but this post was already long enough so here are two of my favourites. Totness has every kind of shop you want from whole food grocers to jewellery shops and cute vintage clothes stores. The top one is called Naria and its an antique and 'time travel' shop aw how I wish it was still open when I got there and the second one caught my eye because of these beautiful Alice in Wounderland paintings on the wall.

For tea we went to a lovely pub called 'The Blagdon inn' which we thought was  brilliant as my grandparents live in a tiny village called Blagdon in somerset (bonus Fashion Oddity points for anyone who knows where I am talking about some one must its kinda imbetween Bristol and Bath nr. Wells)

I had a beautiful surf and turf burger and it was so good. Everyone knows prawns are my weakness so with a proper piece of steak in a burger man i was in heaven.

As if that burger wasnt enough I had this amazing Rocky Road brownie for pudding aw it was honestly one of the best meals i have had in a long time. 

On the last day of our holiday we just had a chill day on  the beach. I really hope you have enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments as always. Thanks! 

 Love Charlotte



  1. Hey! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award, check out my post for the rules ☺
    - Erin. x

  2. Thanks for leaving your link in the bloggers chat sweetie :) It looks like you had an amazing time, it really is such a beautiful place! the food looks incredible and those necklaces are gorgeous!

    Hope to see more posts from you soon :) enjoy the rest of the bank holiday weekend, Saida xx