Sunday, 27 July 2014

My secret hobby!

Hey guys,
Today I am going to talk about something a little bit different on my blog. If you saw yesterdays post (read it here) then you will know that I am a massive fangirl for a lot of bands. the likes of All time low, McFly, You me at six, We are the in crowd, Blink-182, 5 second of summer and Chunk! no captain chunk just to name a few. Of course like most people unless you were supper girlie or popular all through school I went through an 'emo' phase.  Although my phase was very mild, I never dyed my hair or got my ears stretched however this may have been different if my mum was a lot more open and lets be honest a little less judgemental about these stereotypes.
Anyway about two years ago, I used twitter to fangirl and made friends with so many people in the same fandoms I had over 2,000 followers on twitter and one of my closet internet chummys introduced me to a Website called Wattpad. Wattad is a brilliant space to write your own stories. You create an account then you can follow others, like, comment and share on their stories and you can literally write about anything and update over a long period over time. So I think you can guess where I am going with this that a lot of the stories on Wattpad come under fanfiction. The fanfics on this website can get insanely popular if you are lucky. There is a one direction on called After that has over 2 million views and is apparently being turned into a film. You can even find fanfics about youtubers like Casper Lee, Joe Sugg and Danisnotonfire so there is something for everyone. I fell in love with these stories written about my favourite band members and they were so easy to read and they way you interact with other readers is amazing that I soon began writing my own. I started writing an ATL fanfic that I was really proud of and it was getting a lot of reads. I spent a lot of time writing chapters (the same way I do with this blog) but in last February for some reason I just stopped using it. It wasn't until last week I decided to catch up with a few of my old twitter friends that I remembered how much I loved that world. The love that people share for the same band really brings people together in a way you cant experience anywhere else. Over the last 6 months I had been calling my blog twitter account @afashionoddity my personal and I never went on my actual personal which meant I was completely out of touch with new songs, tour announcements and albums in the process and it feels good to be in the loop again and involved in the amazing community of those fandoms.
When I logged back onto wattpad I found that my ATL fanfic had reached nearly 13K reads and loads of people commenting asking me to update and so I have. I spent many nights up late catching up with my favourite stories and it feels amazing.

So what I am trying to say is fanfics can sometimes get laughed at for being really weird writing stories about band members and just lonely girls sat in the bedroom but honestly some of the writing is amazing and the same way we use blogs to help our career in fashion or beauty some people really have the potential to be writers and I would defiantly read books buy them. Also give fangirls a second chance, sometimes I hate them too (so much arguing in the McFly fandom right now).
If you have a similar taste in music or just would like to follow my personal twitter it is @dropbearcharls and if you are interested you can find my Wattpad here.

Let me know who you fangirl over,  if you have ever read any fanfiction and your opinions on it in the comments. Thanks for reading and I hope enjoyed this post as I am a little bit nervous about posting it.

Love Charlotte


  1. Fair play to you! I pretty much fangirl over Kodaline (they're a band from Ireland) a lot. I don't write fanfics but I just pretty much stalk them and oogle over them on tumblr. It's good to be interested in things and feel like a part of a community. Interesting post!

    Catherine x

    1. Thanks! Ah kodaline, I love the three songs I do know by them, they look really good! haha ah yes tumblr! Yeah I totally agree! Thank you so much! x

  2. Who doesn't like McFly & Blink-182? :-) Great to read about your hobby and that you're going to continue to write; never heard of fanfics before.

    x Roch & Tash x