Sunday, 6 July 2014

Blogger Chat Shedule UPDATED

Hey Guys,
A lot of bloggers have done a post with this but I have seen them all very different some include who runs the chat or if there is a topic so I thought I would try and put everything into one. Emphasise on the try!!
7-8 #bloggersdoitbetter - @blogdoitbetter
7-8 #buddlechat - see @bundlemag
7-8 #YTchat
8-9 #fbloggers -topic with questions run by the amazing +Becky Bedbug 
8-9 #healthyselves - a chat that discusses healthy tips and peoples prgross run by @beautyinbeta @chathealthy 
8:30-9:30 #irishbloggers
7-8 #craftbloghour
7-8 # mybchat - a chat on marketing you blog
8-9 #fblchat - fashion, beauty and lifestyle with topic run by +FBL FashBeautyLife 
9-10- #bloghour - run by @UKblogawards
7-8 #lbloggers- host and topic
8-9 #bbloggers - no topic, just general chat
9-10pm - I now run a chat called #welshbloggers we have a chat each week on a different topic with questions. Through the account @welshbloggers_ I also RT anything we are mentioned in so I will share any blog post links. After 3 weeks it is appearing to be a great success. The chats are really busy, we are connecting with other welsh bloggers and local brands and spreading the word of blogger events and the importance of shopping local. So if you are Welsh (even if you are not) we would love for you to follow and get involved.  
7-8 #bloggerspace - topic with questions run by @jessieskins
8-9  #vloggers
8-9 #fbloggers -general chat
8-9 #blogggersWLW -(who want to lose weight) sharing tips
9-10 #tbloggers - teen bloggers chat with topic run by 4 teen bloggers on the twitter @teenbloggerchat
9-10 #timetotalk - a chat for mental health support
9-10 #blogphotochat -topic with questions
9-10 #beautichat - topic run by @beautichat
8-9 #sbloggers - for student bloggers with topic see @sbloggerschat run by the lovely @charleylucy
8-9 #bloggersdoitbetter - with topic see @blogsdoitbetter
6-7 #socialbloggers
7-8 #tbloggers - general chat run by @teenbloggerchat
 5-6 #PABchat - Stands for Pick a blogger follow @Pabchat for more info.
7-8 #lbloggers - lifestyle bloggers with host and topic
8-9 #bbloggers - chat for beauty bloggers with topic which is voted for.
8-9 #blogchat - run by @blogchatnews
8-9 #foodbloggers
9-10 #pbloggers - a parent blogger chat
9-10 #30sbloggers - blog chat for all bloggers over 30
9-10 #psbloggers a blog chat for all plus size bloggers
Let me know in the comments what details I have missed out and any other chats that I should check out please! I love taking part in blogger chats they are such a great way to meet other bloggers and promote your blog and I am so grateful to everyone who runs a chat!
Love Charlotte

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing! I'm a newbie to blogging and I as completely lost at sea about twitter chats and when they're on. I'll be take part in them now :)

    Catherine x

    1. You are welcome! Ah right good luck haha! I am so glad this helped, thanks! x

  2. Oh my! Boy do I need this. Thank you so much for writing this! I KEEP missing chats or turning up late. I'll definitely be copying this list down so I can keep up to date, hehe xoxo

    1. Yep I was the same that's why I wrote this post, mainly for my own reference haha! xoxo