Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The £1 Lipstick! Product Review

Hey Guys,
After the hit with my last review post and its bargain find (which you can read here) I thought I would give you all another bargain themed review.
Most people know and love the drugstore brand MUA and if you don't where have you been in the beauty world. Either way are you aware they sell amazing lipsticks for only £1!!! You heard me only £1!

The first shade I got was this vibrant red in the shade number 13. It is very bright and a perfect first red for anyone who is scared of a red lip like myself. It stands out so well and really is the perfect all round red. I would recommend using with a lip liner though but apart from that it lasts a nice amount of time considering and is so moisturising.  

The next lipstick I got is the shade 4. It is a beautiful neon bubble-gum pink. I was in love with the colour at first however this is my least favourite of the three I picked up because it is so sheer which may be brilliant for some people but you cant even build it up. This one I wont be using much at all

The final shade I got is shade 2. I had been on a hunt for a berry colour similar to my all time favourite lip stick which is now discontinued so I had my eye on Revlon's Berry Couture and even though £7 is cheap compared to high end lipsticks once I saw this one for only £1 I know how ridiculous it would have been to spend an extra £6.
This is pink toned purple shade with the slightest hint of sparkle. It can be built up really well and is more suited for an even look but the sparkle is so unnoticeable I wear it often as a statement in the day. It has long wear and is so moisturising. The only problem with this (which is with all of the lipstciks I have mentioned) is it does get on you teeth much easier than most lipsticks so I would recommend taking special care when applying but for £1 it isn't really a big problem.

 As with most of MUAs products it can be a gamble but here for the mere price of £1 that gamble is certainly worth it especially when you aren't sure if a trendy bright colour with suit your or wash you out then instead of splashing out on a MAC try the colour first here!
Thanks! Let me know in the comments your favourite MUA lipstick shade?
Love Charlotte
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