Friday, 16 May 2014

My 17th birthday and Birthday haul!

Hey Guys,
As some of you may know if you follow my twitter (@afashionoddity ) you will know a week last Sunday (4th of may) was my17th birthday.
Yup that's the same days as Star wars and Audrey Hepburn's birthday too.

I had my best friends sleepover where we played rock band, watched Clueless and 10 things I hate about you along side a good gossip. On my actual birthday I attended a family christening then went into Cardiff shopping and went to Ask! Italian for dinner with my family. I had a  wonderful day and was spoilt rotten so I thought I would share with you all some of the things I received.

How Beautiful is this top???
From Yumi at House of Fraser

Pink Blazer from New Look

Laura Ashley polka dot amethyst mug

Cute little butterfly trinket dish

Oh so Clueless 90s dress OOhhh Yeah!

The My Future Listography book which I wanted since Louise from sprinkleofglitter mentioned the series and the Paris Street Style book the I wanted after seeing Sammi from The Beauty Crush recommend it...they are both so good.

 A few books including the most beautiful edition of The Great Gatsby you have ever seen designed in collaboration with Tiffany and Co.

Pretty statement necklace.

Big paint box a necessity for an art student.

How funky is this photo frame.
Butterflies everywhere! Candles and the trinket dish from above.
This lovely real leather belt from Ollie&Nic

A money box, pens and Ellie Gouldings latest album and two Arctic Monkeys albums which are all amazing. Not forgetting my badge!

Finally a balloon with Tangled and Frozen in 3D. You can read my review of Frozen here!
I also want to apologise for the lack of posts these last few weeks since my birthday. I have been sitting my AS exams so I have been constantly revising and we also received some tragic news in the family so we have been dealing with that! Thank you!
Love Charlotte
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