Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Hair Inspiration - Blake Lively #2014bloggerchallenge

Hey Guys,
Sorry this is a few days late. My exams only finished this week and I wanted to take time on this post so here it is. Better late than never eh?
Two days I ago I finished Gossip Girl on Netflix. I have finally seen every single episode in order. WOW! It is so good! Now before this turns into me fangirling over Chuck and Blair. I know this show finished a few years ago but for me its only now an obsession and Blake Lively has recently appeared back on the red carpet. Since the met ball and Cannes film festival everyone is talking about her once again. During the show I never managed to make a decision about who I love more Blair or Serena but for hair inspiration alone Blake wins all.

From this years Met Ball with her husband Ryan Reynolds. (Source my tumblr) Granted these aren't close ups of her hair do but she was also one of my favourite dresses from the Met and as Serena her hair was normally textured so I loved seeing how versatile her hair is in a glamorous style with very Gatsby curls.

I am just utterly in love with the gorgeous honey colour, the length and the volume and texture Blake always seems to have. She is never photographed with bad hair. It woks in buns, messy plaits, fishtail braids, curled  and especially natural waves. There is something so magical about Blake's hair. She is know in the fashion world for her beautiful blonde locks for a reason.
I am trying to grow my hair out but at the moment I style it as bet as I can to get Blake's famous textured natural looking waves.
I hope you enjoyed reading this. Thanks. Let me know in the comments if you would like more posts like this about who inspires my style and who I admire. Also let me know if you love Gossip Girl?
Love Charlotte
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  1. I'm so in love with Blake Lively, she seriously makes me question my sexulaity lol I don't look good blonde at all, I'm much better as a red head but I do love her hair, she really does look flawless all the time!

    Cat | Lilac Ghosts

    1. Haha omg I totally agree with that! Ah but I am sure you can still style your hair in her classic messy style! x

  2. I love Gossip Girl and really want her hair, I wish I could grow mine that long, but it always seems to die and stop growing at the same length no matter what I do !! xx


    1. Same! Aw that's annoying mine does grow it just grows verryyy slowly haha! do you dye it or use heat a lot? xx

  3. I love Blake Lively and I'm so obsessed with Gossip Girl! Chuck Bass is my dream man :)


    1. Same! it is the best! Haha yeah same, it is funny how in season 1 I hated it him but that soon changed haha! x