Monday, 5 May 2014

A look at my music taste(music taste tag) #2014bloggerchallenge

Hey Guys,
This is going to be a little bit of a life update too. I firstly want to apologise for the lack of posts during April and this last week my first exam is next Tuesday so that is where the majority of my time is being spent. Also if you follow my twitter you will know (@afashionoddity) it was my birthday on Sunday (4th of May) so I have a birthday present haul and vlog post coming for you all soon.

Anyway for the topic of music I wasn't really sure what to do, just talk about my favourite artists or songs would be too tricky so I have come up with a few music related questions in a tag style. So feel free to complete this and let me know if you do.

1. A stand out song from those childhood school discos?

Uptown girl by Billy Joel or 5 colours in her hair by McFly

2. An artist you love due to your parents influence/ you brought up on?

This is a big part of my music taste my dad brought me up on a lot of old rock and a few other random artists most of which I still listen today such as Bryan Adams, U2 and Aerosmith a few others are Phil Collins, Billy Joel and a country singer called Garth Brooks.

3. Five artists to sum up your taste?

Taylor Swift, McFly, All time Low, Green day and Blondie

4. Favourite song of the moment?

Fancy by Iggy azalea ft Charlie xcx

5. CDs, Download or vinyl?

CDs all the way, I can honestly say I have only ever downloaded one song!

6.Most recently purchased album/song?

Well I had two CDs for my birthday (so you will have to wait for my birthday haul for those)  but yesterday I bought AM by Arctic monkeys with some birthday money.

I hope you enjoyed this music taste tag. I wanted something easier to answer than the typical favourite artist ever for example because I simply cannot choose when it comes to music.

I tag Beki from
Chloe from
Anna from
and Gabby from
and anyone else reading this.

Thanks for reading.
Love Charlotte

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  1. So nice!
    I join too if it's OK.

  2. Thanks lovely! Of course! Lets see if it will catch on :P haha!
    Thank you xx