Sunday, 27 April 2014

My Sunday Currently #3

The Sunday Currently.
I am currently
R E A D I N G - The Book Thief
W R I T I N G - endless revision notes
L I S T E N I N G - Fancy by Iggy Azalea
T H I N K I N G - about how unprepared I am for my exams
S M E L L I N G - freshly cut grass
W I S H I N G -  my birthday would come around sooner...only one week to go now!
W E A R I N G - my new paisley skirt from Urban Outfitters
W A T C H I N G - Gossip Girl and Neighbours which has recently got really intense.
W A N T I N G - my birthday to be one to remember
N E E D I N G- to focus on my exams
F E E L I N G-  so tired. I had 3 hours sleep at a sleepover Friday then went to a party which was Great Gatsby themed last night. Which was amazing!
Love Charlotte

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