Monday, 31 March 2014


Hey Guys,
 Considering this film came out nearly 5 months ago I am sorry for jumping on the bandwagon so late, I finally watched it last week.
 I really wasn't expecting it to be as good as all the hype suggests. Before hand I hand only heard the Demi version of Let it go so I had the impression it was very Disney Channel-esque.
After hearing how much of a feminist movie it is I wasn't that excited, I understand life isn't a happy ending but I couldn't imagine a Disney film without the perfect love story.
As soon as I saw that after only a mere 5 months it had become the 4th biggest animation of all time I had to see what I was missing out on. (according to a few articles I just found whilst writing that in a week it is now number 1 although I am not sure how true that is but if so then wow to be out for 5 months and to have made more money than every other single animation of all time from Peter Pan to Shrek is pretty impressive to say the least)

However boy how was I wrong! I cannot express how much I love it.
It is very similar to tangled but I like it for different reasons. I fell in love with Tangled for their relationship, you can feel them fall in love and they are such beautiful character's that its a beautiful film. However with Frozen I wasn't very familiar with the snow queen story unlike I am with Rapunzel.
The characters are amazing Olaf and Sven are the essential funny characters in an animation the same way Donkey is in Shrek for example. I am forever laughing at Olaf wanting to experience summer.
I was also so wrong about the songs. They are fun and childish and not at all annoying. Especially after watching all Zoella's and Sprinkleofglitter and the gangs playlist live vlogs I cannot stop sing DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN?
Another great thing about this film (also similar to Tangled) is the modern humour.It is very sarcastic and realistic compared to Classic Disney movies. One perfect example of this is when Princess Ana wakes up on the morning of coronation oh so very realistically. These characters show so much more personality and they are very relatable compared to classic Disney characters. One stand out moment is the way Elsa would not allow Ana to marry an man she had just met! Ever character has a great role to play and made me laugh at lot, especially the shop owner and Olaf. I want a snowman!!
I am trying to avoid spoilers but something I love and hate is Prince Hans and his role in the film during Love is an open door we fall so in love with their relationship as an audience but for the first time in a Disney film not all is happy.

From what I know about the snow queen Elsa should have been evil, at times I wanted to dislike her and at others I wanted to love her I was unsure about how Elsa is meant to be seen.
Why did the parents need to die so randomly and no one seemed fazed by this?!??
I am still not happy with what Hans did!! haha!
I felt I wanted more from the ending I wanted to see Princess Ana and Kirstoff happy together for just a little bit longer.

Overall this film is the best film ever for any age! It is an emotional roller coaster and you will be joyfully singing the songs for weeks but boy is it worth it!
Now I am off to watch Frozen again, I will see you all later in the week let me know in the comments what you love or hate about the world wide phenomenon that is Frozen!

Thanks for reading!
Love Charlotte

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  1. I have ordered this on DVD and it should be arriving this week. I did love it but I did think it was very very similar to Tangled (which I loved) in a lot of ways. I think for me it's probably second to Tangled, but we'll see once I get the DVD and see it again.

    1. Yeah I love tangled but for different reasons like Flynn and Rapunzel's romance and Maximus but Olaf, the shopkeeper and the soundtrack to Frozen are better so I agree they are animated so similar but they are also both quite different. Thanks

  2. For some reason I was confused with this film it was very much marketed towards like a Christmas hit number 1 but then it's sort of rolled on until spring, perhaps I'm missing something! Any who I love Tangled haven't seen this yet though although I've already fallen in love with the soundtrack defo wanna see it now though :) x

    1. I guess they advertised it as a Christmas film before realising just how popular it would be so then they decided to roll it on they had to because of the demand. thanks x

  3. I watched this with my sister at the weekend and am now back at uni currently watching it again.. great film!