Monday, 31 March 2014


Hey Guys,
 Considering this film came out nearly 5 months ago I am sorry for jumping on the bandwagon so late, I finally watched it last week.
 I really wasn't expecting it to be as good as all the hype suggests. Before hand I hand only heard the Demi version of Let it go so I had the impression it was very Disney Channel-esque.
After hearing how much of a feminist movie it is I wasn't that excited, I understand life isn't a happy ending but I couldn't imagine a Disney film without the perfect love story.
As soon as I saw that after only a mere 5 months it had become the 4th biggest animation of all time I had to see what I was missing out on. (according to a few articles I just found whilst writing that in a week it is now number 1 although I am not sure how true that is but if so then wow to be out for 5 months and to have made more money than every other single animation of all time from Peter Pan to Shrek is pretty impressive to say the least)

However boy how was I wrong! I cannot express how much I love it.
It is very similar to tangled but I like it for different reasons. I fell in love with Tangled for their relationship, you can feel them fall in love and they are such beautiful character's that its a beautiful film. However with Frozen I wasn't very familiar with the snow queen story unlike I am with Rapunzel.
The characters are amazing Olaf and Sven are the essential funny characters in an animation the same way Donkey is in Shrek for example. I am forever laughing at Olaf wanting to experience summer.
I was also so wrong about the songs. They are fun and childish and not at all annoying. Especially after watching all Zoella's and Sprinkleofglitter and the gangs playlist live vlogs I cannot stop sing DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN?
Another great thing about this film (also similar to Tangled) is the modern humour.It is very sarcastic and realistic compared to Classic Disney movies. One perfect example of this is when Princess Ana wakes up on the morning of coronation oh so very realistically. These characters show so much more personality and they are very relatable compared to classic Disney characters. One stand out moment is the way Elsa would not allow Ana to marry an man she had just met! Ever character has a great role to play and made me laugh at lot, especially the shop owner and Olaf. I want a snowman!!
I am trying to avoid spoilers but something I love and hate is Prince Hans and his role in the film during Love is an open door we fall so in love with their relationship as an audience but for the first time in a Disney film not all is happy.

From what I know about the snow queen Elsa should have been evil, at times I wanted to dislike her and at others I wanted to love her I was unsure about how Elsa is meant to be seen.
Why did the parents need to die so randomly and no one seemed fazed by this?!??
I am still not happy with what Hans did!! haha!
I felt I wanted more from the ending I wanted to see Princess Ana and Kirstoff happy together for just a little bit longer.

Overall this film is the best film ever for any age! It is an emotional roller coaster and you will be joyfully singing the songs for weeks but boy is it worth it!
Now I am off to watch Frozen again, I will see you all later in the week let me know in the comments what you love or hate about the world wide phenomenon that is Frozen!

Thanks for reading!
Love Charlotte

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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Little Black Dress #OFTN

Hey Guys,
Last Saturday night my friend had a house party to celebrate her 17th birthday. A few of us went shopping in the day to get dresses.

(excuse the quality of this photo my friend took this and she was already pretty tipsy haha)

I found this beautiful 3/4 length sheer sleeve skater dress from H&M. The waist band is also sheer but its hardly visible. I loved it because it is really flattering, simple and classy yet I still felt very casual and comfy. I love simple Black dresses that you can style how ever you want. It was priced at £12.99 which is a bargain.  
I teamed it with my go to simple black wedges from New Look and a gold necklace from Accessorize. 
I just blow dried my hair and wore it naturally, for make up I did a purple smoky eye and a dark pink lipstick! I am now realising how very Autumnal this outfit is.

I had a great night with some of my friends I don't see as often and met loads of new awesome people. I had so much fun and may have got a little more drunk than planned but shuussh! :P

Hope you enjoyed this post.
Love Charlotte

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Friday, 21 March 2014

The TMI Tag

Hey Guys,
I am going to be honest in that I haven't been tagged to this and I know the craze has probably died down but I just wanted to answer this!
So here are my answers to the question's...
1) What are you currently wearing?
My purple nighty, slip thing.
2) Ever been in love?
3) Ever had a terrible break up?
Yes pretty much right now!
4) How tall are you?
Not sure I'm going to guess around 5ft 3/4. I don't really consider myself tall or short!
5) How much do you weigh?
I haven't seen one TMI where someone's answered it well apart from the amazing Carrie's who created (from itswaypastmybedtime) but I am just over 7 and a half stone
6) Any tattoos?
7) Any piercings?
Nooo! Yup none! Pretty much the only girl with not even my lobes done
8) OTP?
Again it frustrates me that know one on the #bbloggers side of the internet know what this is!!
Phan, Jalex and Pudd!! That's Dan and Phil (danisonfire and amazing Phil), Jack and Alex from all time low and Harry and Dougie from McFly
9) Favourite show?
My top three at the moment are Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives and Pretty little liars. I also freaking love Doctor who!! Of course the usual soaps too!
10) Favourite bands?
Mcfly!!!! All time low, You me at six and Boys like Girls etc I was also brought up on bands like U2 and Aerosmith which I still love and a few others I love are Genesis, Fall out boy, paramore, The script just to name a few!
11) Something you miss?
High school, my ex and my uncle and his fiancé who just moved to Ireland
12) Favourite song?
I can't answer this!!
13) How old are you?
14)Zodiac sign?
15) Quality you look for in a partner?
Good music taste, kindness, a romantic side urm obviously good looks are always good too
16) Favourite quote?
My mind always goes blank with this one..! One of my favourites that does pop to mind is "life is hard. After all, it kills you" Katherine Hepburn
17) Favourite actor?
Johnny Depp
18) Favourite colour?
19) Loud music or soft?
Both depends on the situation.
20) Where do you go when you’re sad?
To my bed!
21) How long does it take you to shower?
Usually around 20 minutes
22) How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
For college like 10 haha but for somewhere that I'll make an effort for about 45
23) Ever been in a physical fight?
Not really but I was in a verbal fight and slapped the person I was fighting with if that counts
24) Turn on?
From the answers I've read this doesn't mean a sexual turn on haha so is good hair!!
25) Turn off?
Bad smell,  teeth or breath or just smelly ewww ew!
26) The reason I started blogging?
I wanted some where to rant about fashion, beauty and anything else that inspires me
27) Fears?
Ohh many! People I trust breaking that trust or leaving (learning to over come this fear), the dark and cats (yess I know)
28) Last thing that made you cry?
Well this break up that happened two weeks ago, but little things still make me cry over it a lot, I think I last cried Wednesday! 
29) Last time you said you loved someone?
To one of my best friends Jess when we were leaving youth club about an hour ago
30) Meaning behind your blog name?
Well there's not much of a deep meaning but my ex boyfriend the amazingly come up with it for me (all credit to Sean)
31) Last book you read?
The Fault in our Stars by John Green
32) The book you’re currently reading?
Another by Mr.Green, Looking for Alaska this time
34) Last person you talked to?
My little brother
35) The relationship between you and the person you last texted?
My friend Tom and my ex Sean
36) Favourite food?
Recently wrote a post on this if you'd like to read that. Anything authentically Italian!  Chocolate!!!
37) Place you want to visit?
38) Last place you were?
Church hall for youth club
39) Do you have a crush?
Merh kinda! Not a serious one though!
40) Last time you kissed someone?
3 weeks ago I think. My ex (wasn't my ex at the time)
41) Last time you were insulted?
Can't remember the exact day it happened but about two weeks ago, during this break up! I don't usually let things get to me and hurt me so not often! 
42) Favourite flavour of sweet?
Cola bottles, cola anything! 
44) Favourite piece of jewellery?
My purple and silver ring that I wear every day that my mum gave me for my 13th, a micky mouse necklace that my uncles fiancé gave me a few years back and a sally necklace from my ex.
45) Last sport you played?
I don't exercise
46) Last song you sang?
I cant remember. I sing along to music all the time so I'm going to say something by Ellie Goulding because I had her first album on earlier
47) Favourite chat up line?
Are you a broom? Because you sure swept me off my feet!
48) Have you ever used it?
Noo but I really should omg!
49) Last time you hung out with anyone?
Tonight with a few of my close friends at youth club!
50) Who should answer these questions next?
Anyone reading this who hasn't done it yet! Leave your links in the comments! 
Love Charlotte

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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Food #2014bloggerchallenge

Hey Guys,
So when I heard this topic is food I was so excited. I love food!! Anyone who knows me knows how much I love it. I am not overly fussy I love a good McDonald's, I love going out to Michelin star restaurant's and I love cooking.  
For me what I am coming home to for tea is the most exciting thing of the day and food can hold so many memories. I remember holidays by the restaurant's and unusual foods I tried, I remember cooking with my grandparents or baking with my Ex boyfriend (yes Ex comment if anyone wants a life update or wants me to talk about that, I have been absent from A fashion oddity for nearly two weeks, that being one of the main reasons).
I am planning to do more recipe posts and lifestyle posts of my favourite restaurant's like in did in my valentines post (which you can read here) in the future but for now I thought I would just share with you all some of my favourite foods.
  1. Pizza, proper traditional Italian flat base. I believe everyone needs to try an authentic Italian pizza at least once.
  2. Prawns! Preferably in a seafood spaghetti.
  3. Risotto
  4. McChicken Selects! Oohh my gawrd so nom
  5. Chocolate brownies
  6. My homemade marble cake
  7. My dads homemade lasagne
  8. My godmothers homemade Banana and Chocolate muffins.
  9. Ben & Jerrys ice cream! The first time I had this was in Disney land and I've been hocked ever since. My top flavour has to be half baked. Cookie dough and Brownies in one....perfection!
  10. And my current addiction is the Malteser  Easter bunnies!!
I thought I would share with you all a few food related quotes that made me laugh!
I hope you have enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments if you would either like a life update or my food related posts in the future. Thanks!!
Love Charlotte

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Jewellery Wishlist!

Hey Guys,
Today I have my first ever wish list for you all! I have recently been introduced to some online brands and fell in love. A lot of window shopping has been happening so I thought I would share with you all some of the amazing pieces I have been lusting over recently.

These two beautiful Amethyst rings are from Gemporia.  They are an affordable and responsible while still being stylish company. Their jewellery looks like pieces from movies that a girl can only dream off but they are so affordable. And no they don't just sell amethysts haha I'm just a bit obsessed.
These necklaces are from Forage and Find which is a family run vintage jewellery company. Each piece is beautiful and unique and no two will be the same which is amazing. How beautiful are these rose lockets?
Finally we have these awesome necklaces from Eclectic Eccentricity. I love Fawns so much and have been looking for jewellery with Fawns on and this necklace is the closest I have come across. They do some really different quirky things and it is all really cute.
I hope you enjoyed this kind of post and let me know in the comments if you have ever shopped at these brands or decide to check them out.
Love Charlotte

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P.S I have also started a Facebook page for A Fashion Oddity which you can like here! Thanks!

Summer eveing make up look - collab with Tays Collection

Hey Guys,
It is week two of my blogger make up look collaborations. This weeks look is a quick and easy look for a summer party or date (any event in the evening.) You can see last here.

It was a very simple look and took me less than 5 minutes. I just covered my eye lids in a shimmery silver colour added big lashes (the bigger better) and choose my Revlon balm stain in the shade 40. I did my usual summer base routine using my CC cream from gosh, pink blush and bronzer.

I also recorded this make up look as a tutorial for my first make up look. You can subscribe to my channel here!


I hope you have enjoyed this post. Please head over to Tay's blog to see her response to this make up look. I for one am so excited to see her post.

Love Charlotte

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The Book Lover Survey

Hey Guys,

(photo from Agent Smyth)
Do you remember how you developed a love for reading?
I always remember loving books since a child when my dad would read to me at night, I would say my first favourite author would be Roald Dahl and then Jacqueline Wilson.
Where do you usually read?

Either in bed at night or on public transport.

Do you prefer to read one book at a time or several at once?

I defiantly prefer to read one book at once. I like to get into a book and it takes over my life so I can only focus on one set of characters.

What is your favourite genre?


Is there a genre you will not read?

Probably Si-Fi 

Do you have a favourite book?
I have a top 6 or more which you can read a post about here but no I don't have a favourite.

What is your least favourite book?

I can honestly say I have never read a book I have  hated but I am going to see never let me go by Kazuo Ishiguro . I did love the story and I loved the film but I hated reading the book and I didn't enjoy how it was written.

What is the longest book you have ever read?

I haven't read any dramatically long books maybe Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman.

What was the last book you bought?

Matched by Ally Condie 

Do you prefer library books or buying books?

Defiantly buying books because I like to build up a physical collection of all the books I have read and one day have a personal library.
What are you currently reading?

I am currently reading Looking for Alaska by John Green.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. Feel free to complete this tag too and link me to your responses.
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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Barry M nail varnish in Blueberry ice cream / #2014bloggerchallenge

Hey Guys,

So the 5th topic for the blogger challenge is nails. So I decided to show you my newest edition to my nail varnish collection.
This is my first ever Barry M nail varnish aside from glitters. I had been wanting a pale blue in my collection and with spring just around the corner I thought this was perfect.  

It is in the shade Blueberry ice cream, which just sounds so scrummy haha!

The shade Is a little brighter than I had hope, I wanted it even more pastel.
However I am so pleased with the paint. I only needed to do one coat and it didn't chip at all.
For the great value and it being the first nail polish I have had that doesn't chip I will be defiantly be checking out more Barry M varnish's.