Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Valentine's day beauty looks: Collaboration post!

Hey guy,
Today A Fashion Oddity teamed up with a few off my favourite bloggers to create a full look.

Firstly the Wonderful Megan from   has shared a easy tutorial for her perfect date night hair do.



Since forever, I have officially been useful at hair. My hair is ridiculously thick and it really struggles to hold any suit of volume. Most of the time I tend to stick to a messy bun, pony tail or just my natural frizzy mess! That was until I discovered the amazing Enrapture Totem Styler, which makes curling your hair the nicest, easiest and quickest step ever!

totem curler

Funnily enough, my boyfriend bought me the Totem Styler for Valentines day but let me have it early for this post :). Curly hair is a must for me on 'date night' I think it looks really flirty and girly. It's also the perfect style if you're trying to impress a guy but don't want to look like you've made a fuss. I use the V05 Plump it Up spray to give my hair some volume and texture, this makes a huge difference and gives the hair that bouncy look. I love the V05 range, the heat protection is also brilliant, I simply give each section of my hair a spritz before I curl it and it stops the ends looking frizzled and dry. Once you're happy with the curls and the texture, give it a little spray with the hair spray and you're good to go.

What is your signature date night hair style?
Beki from has made a Valentine's  make up tutorial video for us

Finally I am doing Nails. For my valentines nails look I am doing a pink and red ombre. It is so easy.
All you need is a red and pink nail polish. I am using the ones from Limited collection for M&S and some of those pointless eye shadow applicators that we get everywhere and never use.
Paint your nails first with the pink shade.
Then dip the eye shadow applicator into the pot of nail varnish instead of the brush
Using the applicator you can dab the nail varnish onto the nails exactly where you want to get the desired effect.
This look is so quick and easy but can appear like proper nail art. You can do this with any colours so it works well all year too.
I hope this post helped give you a mix of ideas from a few different bloggers
 Love Charlotte

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