Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Superdrug nail polish remover (Bourjois dupe) / Product Review Week

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Now if there is one hygiene/care product that is constantly talked about in the bloggersphere its the amazing Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover this usually retails for around £4.99 which many bloggers claim to be good value however I have found an amazing dupe which changed my opinion and probably will change yours too.

This product is from Superdrug own brand range it is an exact duplicate for the Bourjois nail polish remover at a fraction of the price, only £2.99.
Superdrug say "This Superdrug Nail Polish Remover with Acetone features a built-in solution soaks sponge designed to instantly remove all types of nail polish without the need of cotton wool." and it does exactly as they claim although it doesn't quite remove glitter nail polish but that is expected.
The only major benefit of buying the bourjois one is the Superdrug one isn't fragranced so it does leave the horrid smell of nail varnish remover on your fingers...personally this is a price I am willing to pay.

So if you are a lover of the Bourjois magic nail remover then I defiantly recommend you give this a go. You can find it on the Superdrug website here.

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