Thursday, 27 February 2014

Collection primed & Ready primmer / Product review

Hey Guys,
Todays product for my "product review week" is the Primed & ready make up primmer by collection. 
I got this primmer on offer in Boots a while back but it normally retails for £5.99 which is a bit cheaper then Baby skin and amazingly cheaper the PORE-fessional. 
I haven't tried any of the primmers I just mentioned so can't compare them for you. 
However I can say that I love this primmer, it does an amazing job. You only need to use a tiny tiny amount and it cover the whole face. It really makes your skin feel baby soft to start. Then as you blend your foundation on top, it really blends much easier than without. It makes your skin so soft and a better base to put your make up on to. 
However I haven't noticed any difference in how long your make up last. I still need to re-apply during the day.
For the price I am completely satisfied with this product and I really recommend it. Before the release of Baby Skin primers were so hard to find in the drugstores so this is another great one to experiment with. 


Pervious posts in my Half term product review week

I hope you enjoyed this review
Love Charlotte
P.S. Just to update you all I have dleted my YouTube channel, if any of you were subscribed or had watched them. This was for many reasons, that youtube account was with a different google account to my Google+ and my blogger, I was never happy with the quality of my videos and I find it so hard to recored because my parents don't know and stuff. I do love creating videos so I have not given up just watch this space for a new channel in the future. For now I am putting all my focus into this blog. 

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