Thursday, 27 February 2014

Collection primed & Ready primmer / Product review

Hey Guys,
Todays product for my "product review week" is the Primed & ready make up primmer by collection. 
I got this primmer on offer in Boots a while back but it normally retails for £5.99 which is a bit cheaper then Baby skin and amazingly cheaper the PORE-fessional. 
I haven't tried any of the primmers I just mentioned so can't compare them for you. 
However I can say that I love this primmer, it does an amazing job. You only need to use a tiny tiny amount and it cover the whole face. It really makes your skin feel baby soft to start. Then as you blend your foundation on top, it really blends much easier than without. It makes your skin so soft and a better base to put your make up on to. 
However I haven't noticed any difference in how long your make up last. I still need to re-apply during the day.
For the price I am completely satisfied with this product and I really recommend it. Before the release of Baby Skin primers were so hard to find in the drugstores so this is another great one to experiment with. 


Pervious posts in my Half term product review week

I hope you enjoyed this review
Love Charlotte
P.S. Just to update you all I have dleted my YouTube channel, if any of you were subscribed or had watched them. This was for many reasons, that youtube account was with a different google account to my Google+ and my blogger, I was never happy with the quality of my videos and I find it so hard to recored because my parents don't know and stuff. I do love creating videos so I have not given up just watch this space for a new channel in the future. For now I am putting all my focus into this blog. 

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Superdrug nail polish remover (Bourjois dupe) / Product Review Week

Hey Guys,

Welcome to another post in my week of reviews. I hope you are all well?
Now if there is one hygiene/care product that is constantly talked about in the bloggersphere its the amazing Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover this usually retails for around £4.99 which many bloggers claim to be good value however I have found an amazing dupe which changed my opinion and probably will change yours too.

This product is from Superdrug own brand range it is an exact duplicate for the Bourjois nail polish remover at a fraction of the price, only £2.99.
Superdrug say "This Superdrug Nail Polish Remover with Acetone features a built-in solution soaks sponge designed to instantly remove all types of nail polish without the need of cotton wool." and it does exactly as they claim although it doesn't quite remove glitter nail polish but that is expected.
The only major benefit of buying the bourjois one is the Superdrug one isn't fragranced so it does leave the horrid smell of nail varnish remover on your fingers...personally this is a price I am willing to pay.

So if you are a lover of the Bourjois magic nail remover then I defiantly recommend you give this a go. You can find it on the Superdrug website here.

Pervious posts in my Half term product review week

  1. Miss manga mascara

Love Charlotte

Monday, 24 February 2014

Miss Manga mascara / Product Review Week

Hey Guys,
So today marks the first day of Product review week on A Fashion Oddity. I know some schools were on half term last week but for me and a lot of people its this week. So I thought this would be a perfect time to get loads of reviews up for you.
The first product up for testing is the very hyped up Mega Volume Miss Manga mascara by L'oreal.
I bought this a while ago when it was on an introductory offer in boots.
I have worn this mascara pretty much everyday since I bought it.

The reviews I have read have been very mixed reviews. Some of the negative points I can agree with such as it does get clumpy very easily and what exactly is the point in the bendy wand?...know one knows.
How ever if you are one of those people who use a few different mascaras to get the chosen look then this is for you. it gives length and huge amount's of volume it just takes time and reapplying. I often find it helps to brush through your eyelashes before adding another coat of mascara.

Another great thing about this mascara is how great it is for doing the bottom lashes as well.

I am very much in love with the packaging of this mascara. The glossy pink against the matte black is just amazing.

This mascara wont be everybody's favourite but I am in love with it and I really recommend giving it a go.

 You can also see me rave about this mascara in my January Favourites video here

I hope you have enjoyed this review, let me know in the comments you opinion of this mascara and check back each day this week for a new review.

Love Charlotte

Thursday, 20 February 2014

High End Wishlist! #2014bloggerchallenge

Hey guys,
The topic his time for the #2014bloggerchallenge is high end/ high street. I don't own anything high end at all. It's always something I've lusted over but has never been an option.  So this is my wishlist of high end things some I could get now if had the money spare others I will be waiting quite a few years before I can afford some and some may always be out of reach depending on how the future goes.
So in no particular order my current wish list is:
Channel handbag

Valentino Valentina perfume
My first Mac lipstick maybe in Rebel
Naked 3

A Ted Baker bag

Sorry this post was kind of rushed (not photos) . Still I hope you've enjoyed and hopefully one day I can look back and tick these things of my list.
Love Charlotte

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Valentine's day 2014

Hey guys,

For my Make up look I went for a bright bold pink lip, a pink blush and a lilac and pink blend on the eye getting darker in the crease. I let blow dried my hair and using my straightener's I curled my fringe back.

On Valentines day I went to my boyfriends house. He had prepared a candle lit dinner of Nachos, Pizza and Chocolate dipped strawberries. Then we watched Bridget Jones (for the first time for Sean) on TV and crappy shows well into the night.

On Saturday we went into Cardiff for a meal and the cinema. We went to Prezzo which is slowly becoming one of my favourite Italian restaurant's.

The compulsory Italian bread fresh from the pizza oven to be dipped in olive oil.
I choose the king prawn spaghetti which was amazing although surprisingly spicy and a very large portion.

Sean had the pancetta and leek ravioli (which I had last time I was at a prezzo in Bristol). Chosen by recommendation I think.

We went to the cinema to see Endless Love, I enjoyed it but that's only because its just my kind of film. The storyline was predictable and it wasn't amazing. I also spent the whole film in denial that it was Alex Pettyfer playing the lead role because he now has brown hair, I have now made the decision this is defiantly not a bad thing.

I hope you all had an amazing valentines day too.
Love Charlotte

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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Valentine's day beauty looks: Collaboration post!

Hey guy,
Today A Fashion Oddity teamed up with a few off my favourite bloggers to create a full look.

Firstly the Wonderful Megan from   has shared a easy tutorial for her perfect date night hair do.



Since forever, I have officially been useful at hair. My hair is ridiculously thick and it really struggles to hold any suit of volume. Most of the time I tend to stick to a messy bun, pony tail or just my natural frizzy mess! That was until I discovered the amazing Enrapture Totem Styler, which makes curling your hair the nicest, easiest and quickest step ever!

totem curler

Funnily enough, my boyfriend bought me the Totem Styler for Valentines day but let me have it early for this post :). Curly hair is a must for me on 'date night' I think it looks really flirty and girly. It's also the perfect style if you're trying to impress a guy but don't want to look like you've made a fuss. I use the V05 Plump it Up spray to give my hair some volume and texture, this makes a huge difference and gives the hair that bouncy look. I love the V05 range, the heat protection is also brilliant, I simply give each section of my hair a spritz before I curl it and it stops the ends looking frizzled and dry. Once you're happy with the curls and the texture, give it a little spray with the hair spray and you're good to go.

What is your signature date night hair style?
Beki from has made a Valentine's  make up tutorial video for us

Finally I am doing Nails. For my valentines nails look I am doing a pink and red ombre. It is so easy.
All you need is a red and pink nail polish. I am using the ones from Limited collection for M&S and some of those pointless eye shadow applicators that we get everywhere and never use.
Paint your nails first with the pink shade.
Then dip the eye shadow applicator into the pot of nail varnish instead of the brush
Using the applicator you can dab the nail varnish onto the nails exactly where you want to get the desired effect.
This look is so quick and easy but can appear like proper nail art. You can do this with any colours so it works well all year too.
I hope this post helped give you a mix of ideas from a few different bloggers
 Love Charlotte

Zara and Accesorize Haul!

Hey Guys,
 I went shopping recently so I thought I would share with you all some of the bargains I got.


 I got this set of four hair bands from Accessorize. There is two stud ones, a dogtooth pattern and a sparkly one. These were originally £5 I paid £1.50.

I also got this chain and ribbon hair tie which looks really cute tied into a bow.

I got this beautiful necklace. It has a gold effect and has these diamanté squares and triangles but they are so small that its perfect for people who are scared of statement necklaces. 

In Zara I got this beautiful baggy crop to with a verse on. The verse is written in a glittery black which is awesome and its so comfortable on. This was originally £17.99 down to £3.99.


Finally, also in Zara I bought this black shirt in a mesh material and sequin detailing on the shoulders. Its great because the material makes it quite formal but it can be worn very causal too. also because it is so baggy I think it will look great tucked into a skirt. This was £19.99 down to £3.99!! Such a ridiculous saving.

 Love Charlotte

Body shop hand cleanser / Product Review

Hey Guys,
  I bought this as a present for my mum but we both use it and I LOVE IT!! 

This is a hand cleanser that you use as a soap but it has a much more moisturising than a hand gel soap! Its in the scent wild rose which is beautiful its a strong rose but still fresh. The packaging is so pretty too! It is simply a soap so there's not much to comment on but it does the job amazingly and my hands feel so moisturised after and they feel baby soft and smell amazing! 

Love Charlotte

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Once upon A time- #2014bloggerchallenge

Hey Guys,
For this weeks #bloggerchallenge2014 the topic is Books! Books is something I have been wanting to bring into my blog for a while for I thought this was the perfect opportunity.
So to start off with I thought I'd share with you all my favourite books.

1. One day by David Nichols - This book is about two characters and we see them the same day every day once a year. So you see them falling in and out of love, growing up and changing.
 I read this book so many years ago and to be honest it was the first "adult book" I read and I loved it so much. It is so much better than the film and I certainly recommend it. The story is so clever and it was also the first book that made me cry. 

2. Threads by Sophia Bennet -This was my favourite book as a child. It's about three teen girls who live in London.  They spend their time in the V&A museum and meet a little refugee girl with an amazing fashion talent. The main character dreams of working in the fashion industry. I found this book amazing and inspirational as a child, I loved the fashion industry and it made me so happy. There is another two books in the series No spoilers but in the end there is a trip to Paris fashion week.

3. The fault in our stars by John Green - I'm sure you all know about this book, if not then where the hell have you been! Its the most beautiful real piece of modern literature. Its about two teenagers recovering from cancer togheter and they fall in love. There is so many themes in the book and the characters are so likable and realistic. Warning you will need tissues!! The film trailer has just been released so you better get reading haha! :) 

4.Before I die by Jenny Downham - This book is another tear jerking teen cancer romance however its so stripped back and it is so beautifully written it effected me differently to TFIOS. This book also has a movie by the name of 'Now is good' staring Dakota Fanning, as I am sure you can all guess the book was a lot better for so many reason but I recommend them both.

5. The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks- For any romance lover this is one of those must reads! I'm sure you all know the story but once again you will certainly be needing tissues. It's one of my favourite stories of all time but for the story not the writing I always find Nicholas' writing style difficult to get into.

6. The perks of being a wallflower by Stephen Chboskey - I will admit I only picked up this book because of all the hype surrounding it and boy am I glad I did. It is a little bit different to all the books I normally read. To sum up why I loved it. It is about an unpopular teen obsessed with reading and the rocky horror show 'nuff said I think in all seriousness
 it is an amazingly thought provokingly deep and the plot isn't predictable. Some people say its too deep and dark but I loved it.
The film was amazing on its own but for different reasons some scenes work much better in the book because a lot of it is about the main character Charlie's thoughts however the character's where portrayed so well in the film and it was just so enjoyable.

These are my all time favourite books so far however I am yet to read a book I have hated so this was very hard for me to narrow down.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, if you want to see more book posts in the future let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading!
Love Charlotte