Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Review Soap & Glory face cleanser #2014bloggerchallenge / Product Review

Hey guys, 

So its week two of the #2014bloggerchallenge and this weeks topic is Skincare. I was a bit stuck for this topic because skincare is my weakness and I am really bad. I stick to the same few products and I just cleanse then just moisturise amd generally that's all I bother to do.  I naturally have quite nice skin but I couldn't even tell you what type it is. 

So I thought I'd share with you my number one skincare product the Soap and Glory face soap clarity 2 in 1 daily detox vitamin C facial wash.

  I love this face soap maily because it contains these pink balls which when being washed off the skin they really help to exfoliate. As you can see I still have a lot of pproduct left and I have been using it for just under a year now so its also great value. Soap and glory are a massive number one for me anyway I love the packaging and the quality never disappoints me. It smells great but overall it simply does its job very well. I would give this product a massive 4/5!! 

 My #1 skin care tip: Personally I find gel facial cleansers better for exfoliating and cream one's better for moisturising so I tend to have too cleansers on the go and rotate each day depending on how my skin is feeling.

Love Charlotte

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