Thursday, 20 February 2014

High End Wishlist! #2014bloggerchallenge

Hey guys,
The topic his time for the #2014bloggerchallenge is high end/ high street. I don't own anything high end at all. It's always something I've lusted over but has never been an option.  So this is my wishlist of high end things some I could get now if had the money spare others I will be waiting quite a few years before I can afford some and some may always be out of reach depending on how the future goes.
So in no particular order my current wish list is:
Channel handbag

Valentino Valentina perfume
My first Mac lipstick maybe in Rebel
Naked 3

A Ted Baker bag

Sorry this post was kind of rushed (not photos) . Still I hope you've enjoyed and hopefully one day I can look back and tick these things of my list.
Love Charlotte


  1. I really want to try one of the NAKED pallets I have my eye on the first one, I also want to try some MAC lipsticks too x

  2. Yeah so hyped up about! yeah we do <3 x