Tuesday, 14 January 2014

E.L.F store Cardiff

Hey Guys,

Initially this post is long over due because I first went to the E.L.F store before Christmas but I am doing this post as a haul of my E.L.F purchases and reviews.

The first thing I got was the Brush Collection for £12 which is a bargain. I would recommend this set as a great starter kit. The set includes a foundation brush, blushers brush, eyeliner brush, concealer brush, eye shadow brush, eye shadow smudging tool, total face brush, eye lash and brow wamd amd a brush! :) the variety of unusual tools is pretty amazing and the quality of the brushes isn't heavenly but is pretty amazing for the price!
The next thing my mum got for my stocking, its one of their eyeliner and shadow sticks in the shade purple and plum. The eyeliner works really well, it is a strong colour and applies really easily but the eye shadow isn't very purple but on the whole this is a really handy tool for on the go because its so compact and easy to use.
I recently picked this up myself because when I was in store before Christmas I got my self tested for their foundation by the lovely staff and we decided I would be best suited to the shade 'porcelain' rather than 'ivory' but the 'porcelain' was out of stock. So I went back in store after Christmas and treated myself.
I love the box packaging and then is in a glass bottle which makes it seem very high end. I was so glad to find it has a pump because that's an essential for me with foundation. The foundation its self is very easy to apply although does need some good blending, once its on it sits very well and lasts me near enough all day which is amazing. It is a medium coverage foundation and there is no shine and its neither matt nor glossy so this foundation will now be my go to foundation for everyday and I will be repurchasing
The final product I picked up was a single eye shadow in the shade amethyst. It is amazingly packaged and even though there is a little mirror inside (very handy) it is still very compact.  The colour is amazing because its not too dark so its an amazing colour for day or night looks and the pigmentation is brilliant.
So overall the E.L.F store is amazing, its very glamorous with a pink and black theme and there is so  much stock which is cleverly displayed. The staff are amazing and very welcoming. These were the first things ive bought from E.L.F and I defiantly see what all the hype if about. The products often feel very high end and are to an amazing quality especially for the great prices you are paying. I also still cant believe they opened their first U.K store in Cardiff. I will be defiantly be popping into store a lot so keep an eye out for any more E.L.F related posts.
Love Charlotte



  1. I've never tried any ELF products, those brushes look really nice!

  2. Oh you should! Yeah they are really good! :)

  3. that is a bargain price for those brushes!glad their quality is decent enough for the price:)xx