Sunday, 26 January 2014

Kimono! OOTD

Hey Guy's,
 Today I thought I would do an outfit of the day for you guys.
Kimonos are suddenly appearing every where. I see Kimonos as a summery thing, bright oriental tropical colours for cocktails on the beach but I keep seeing more and more people wearing them now. So I thought I would share with you guys how I would wear mine.

I wore my Kimono with a black vest top, blue skinny jeans and a gold statement necklace.
My kimono works very well for winter time because the colours are a lot darker. I find these do fun to wear because initially you are just in jeans and a t-shirt because the kimono is so light you don't really notice it but the way the sleeves flow you really do feel amazing.
Kimono: Tu at sainsburys (old)
Necklace: New Look (old) (featured in my autumn haul video which you can view here)
Jeans: Next (old)
I hope you have enjoyed this style post, let me know in the comments.
Love Charlotte

Sales Haul!

 Hey Guys,
 It's coming to the end of January so I thought I would share with you some of my favourite things I picked up in this years Boxing day sales.
First thing I got was in Boots, its a Ted Baker scented candle set which was £7 from £15.

Also in Boots I got this amazing bargain. Its the Remington Peal curling wand which usually retails at around £26 in a gift set with a large Black make up bag, a Mememe shimmer set and a head band for only £15!!!! 

I love the cranberry joy range ,I had a few things for Christmas but I picked up the shower gel for half price at £3

I had an Accessorize gift card so I bought a ring, a purse and some panda socks.

In lush I got the Santa bath ballistic half price.
In Zara I got this beautiful floral blouse. I am not normally one for anything like this very floral and dainty. This is my first floral blouse and my first Peter Pan collar I have no idea why I love it so much I just think its beautiful.

Staying on the very girlie route I got this lovely floral kind of tapestry style sweater , I love this because its so casual but you still look like you've made an effort and its very fleecy on the inside so its sooo warm and cosy. I got this half price in Miss. Selfridge.

Also from Miss. Selfridge I got this ochre jumper with a beautiful pattern on. I am very obsessed with this brocade style at the moment. Some of you may have seen this a while back in one of Zoellas videos too.
Let me know what bargains you picked up in this years sales. I hope you enjoyed this post.
Love Charlotte



Friday, 24 January 2014

Rimmel Scandal eyes eye linner / Product Review

Hey guy's,

I have done quite a bit of beauty shopping recently and picked up a variety of products so prepare for a lot of Products Reviews over then next few weeks.

  The first thing I'm going to review is the new eyeliner from Rimmel. It's part of their Scandal eyes collection. 
I had read lots about this and I needed a new eyeliner so when I saw this in boots on the "up to £3 off rimmel" offer so it was only £3.49 I just had to try it! 

I like the packaging its a tiny size which is great for on the go! 
When I first started using this I was amazed! 
It has an amzing angled tip so you can use it to get a super thin line or a super thick. It's a very pitch black which is brilliant and it comes out so dark its amazing. 

However I am slowly finding more and more faults, firstly it claims to be waterproof however it doesn't last very long at all and it smudges very easily. I have also only been using it for a week and one point on the tip has already started to dry out! 

So far the pros have weighed out the cons with this product and it is one of my favourite eyeliners and I thoroughly recommend it especially while the offers are on! 

I hope you have enjoyed this review. 

Love Charlotte

P.S I took a huge load of photos last weekend and tried something new with my backgrounds let me know what you think in the comments! :) 

Body Shop born lippy / product review

Hey Guys
  I finally tried my first born lippy and I love love love it! 

Mine is in raspberry amd smells amazing, its moisturiserising without being too sticky! Its very different to the Baby Lips! For this type of lip balms I would say its the best I've ever tried. This is brilliant for those no make up days or just before getting into bed however its not great for putting lipstick on top! 

I love it and the body shop born lippys are becoming one of my daily essentials and I defiantly recommend it! :D 

Love Charlotte

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Review Soap & Glory face cleanser #2014bloggerchallenge / Product Review

Hey guys, 

So its week two of the #2014bloggerchallenge and this weeks topic is Skincare. I was a bit stuck for this topic because skincare is my weakness and I am really bad. I stick to the same few products and I just cleanse then just moisturise amd generally that's all I bother to do.  I naturally have quite nice skin but I couldn't even tell you what type it is. 

So I thought I'd share with you my number one skincare product the Soap and Glory face soap clarity 2 in 1 daily detox vitamin C facial wash.

  I love this face soap maily because it contains these pink balls which when being washed off the skin they really help to exfoliate. As you can see I still have a lot of pproduct left and I have been using it for just under a year now so its also great value. Soap and glory are a massive number one for me anyway I love the packaging and the quality never disappoints me. It smells great but overall it simply does its job very well. I would give this product a massive 4/5!! 

 My #1 skin care tip: Personally I find gel facial cleansers better for exfoliating and cream one's better for moisturising so I tend to have too cleansers on the go and rotate each day depending on how my skin is feeling.

Love Charlotte

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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

E.L.F store Cardiff

Hey Guys,

Initially this post is long over due because I first went to the E.L.F store before Christmas but I am doing this post as a haul of my E.L.F purchases and reviews.

The first thing I got was the Brush Collection for £12 which is a bargain. I would recommend this set as a great starter kit. The set includes a foundation brush, blushers brush, eyeliner brush, concealer brush, eye shadow brush, eye shadow smudging tool, total face brush, eye lash and brow wamd amd a brush! :) the variety of unusual tools is pretty amazing and the quality of the brushes isn't heavenly but is pretty amazing for the price!
The next thing my mum got for my stocking, its one of their eyeliner and shadow sticks in the shade purple and plum. The eyeliner works really well, it is a strong colour and applies really easily but the eye shadow isn't very purple but on the whole this is a really handy tool for on the go because its so compact and easy to use.
I recently picked this up myself because when I was in store before Christmas I got my self tested for their foundation by the lovely staff and we decided I would be best suited to the shade 'porcelain' rather than 'ivory' but the 'porcelain' was out of stock. So I went back in store after Christmas and treated myself.
I love the box packaging and then is in a glass bottle which makes it seem very high end. I was so glad to find it has a pump because that's an essential for me with foundation. The foundation its self is very easy to apply although does need some good blending, once its on it sits very well and lasts me near enough all day which is amazing. It is a medium coverage foundation and there is no shine and its neither matt nor glossy so this foundation will now be my go to foundation for everyday and I will be repurchasing
The final product I picked up was a single eye shadow in the shade amethyst. It is amazingly packaged and even though there is a little mirror inside (very handy) it is still very compact.  The colour is amazing because its not too dark so its an amazing colour for day or night looks and the pigmentation is brilliant.
So overall the E.L.F store is amazing, its very glamorous with a pink and black theme and there is so  much stock which is cleverly displayed. The staff are amazing and very welcoming. These were the first things ive bought from E.L.F and I defiantly see what all the hype if about. The products often feel very high end and are to an amazing quality especially for the great prices you are paying. I also still cant believe they opened their first U.K store in Cardiff. I will be defiantly be popping into store a lot so keep an eye out for any more E.L.F related posts.
Love Charlotte


Money saving tip #1! Rimmel Apocalips and Maybelline Reviews

Hey Guys, 
 I wanted to share with you all my two latest bargains. Now I am very tight and cautious when it comes to spending money. So even though Drugstore brands such as Rimmel £6+ are cheap I still like to shop around at the slightly cheaper brands first however I had been desperate to try out the Rimmel Apocalips to see what all the fuss was about, I am not a massive lip gloss lover but I was curious. Even so I couldn't quite justify spending £6.50 on one when I noticed loads of amazing lip products in a basket by the till in my local superdrug that were apparently "damaged" reduced down to an amazing £1!!!!! I couldn't resist. As you can see by my photos I have no idea why they are "damaged" and even if some of the product is missing for the saving of £5.50 I really don't care. 
I am not sure what shade this is in but it is a kind of bubble-gum pink which I love. I do really like them, the colour consistency is amazing but they are still very moist and sticky which is what always puts me off lip-glosses. I am very happy with this Apocalips and the colour but I am very glad I did not have to pay an extra £5.50 and I don't quite see what all the fuss is about.
There were a few other lip products in this bargain basket so I also picked up  a 'Maybelline 14hr lipstick' in the shade 'stay with me coral' . I have never been one for coral shades but this one really stood out for me. Its a pinky coral with a slight hint of neon I Love It!!! 
  This was also £5 cheaper than the RRP at only £1!! 

So I advise you all to keep rummaging through the "damaged" stuff in local never know what little gems you may come across.
I hope you all enjoyed this post, let me know any of your amazing beauty bargains.
Love Charlotte

Sunday, 5 January 2014

New Years Inspiration - 2014 Blogger challenge

Hey guys,
This is a very late post to this fortnights blogger challenge but I have been ill for the last four days and I've had a lot of personal stuff going on.
I have made myself quite a few new years resolutions but I won't share them with you guys straight out.
I chose this quote because I need to take more pride in myself, one of my resolutions is to take better care of my skin which fits in nicely. Especially in the mornings before college I am terrible I normally wake up like 10 mins before I have to leave, I end up stressing about my outfit because nothing that will actually keep me warm at 8am on a raining windy or icing Welsh morning doesn't look good, then I end up throwing make up on in the car. I need to make more of an effort with myself.

Love Charlotte