Friday, 6 December 2013

Why I still shop in the children's departments (sometimes)!

Hey girlies,
I have never stopped shopping in the children's departments. I am an average height, size 8 16 year old so granted this post wont apply to everyone. Either way the children's departments are always cheaper and often the clothes are soo similar to the woman's wear I always like to have a little check as to what I can get for my money.
Here are some of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe from a children's department:

(From Next ) This jumper was actually a dress but I prefer to wear it as a jumper. It is then very baggy and comfy. The star pattern could also be pulled of as a subtle Christmas jumper ;D

(Also from Next. Front) 



This dress from H&M is probably one of my favourite dresses. It looks amazing with a blazer and heels for a meal or on holiday. The colours are so bright without being too tropical and the pattern is floral without being too girlie which is perfect for me.

(Ted Baker )

(From Zara girls) I wear these jeans soo much. They are so comfy and stylish. There is a biker feel to them with the detailing on the knee and there is a zip on the ankles.

(From H&M) I adore this tartan tutu is so different and on trend this season.

(From Next) Once again this is such a unique denim skirt. It has a tulip shape to it and such a beautiful floral pattern.
I strongly recommend Zara girls however they only go up to a size 14+ but this is very generous, as you cans see the above jeans still fit me perfectly. My second recommendation is Next so much of there collection is always on trend and follows very well in line with the adults, in store they only go up to age 14 but online its age 16.
Let me know in the comments if you still have any clothes from a children's collection or anything?
Love Charlotte

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