Saturday, 28 December 2013

My Christmas Goodies #2013

Hey guys sorry its been a while since I last did a proper post but here I am just after Christmas,  I hope you all had an amazing Christmas!  I know what you are thinking this is a Christmas haul to show off but I am honestly not I just am so happy and excited about everything I had I couldn't wait to share it all with you guys! :) 
I had this wonderful brush set from E.L.F which I can't wait to start using daily, I finally have a proper make up make up brush set I didn't actually ask for one but I am sooo so happy with h set with some decent tools  hoary for me! :)

Also from E.L.F in my stocking I had one of their single eyeshadows in the colour "Amethyst" and a double ended eyeliner and shadow stick in purple! (I do have a  E.L.F haul and review of the Cardiff store coming soon so watch this space) 

Now all these DVDs and CDs were on my list so I was hoping I would get these! :D 

Now this next load of DVDs my dad picked up for me when our 
local blockbuster was closing down recently :( I am very chuffed with the glee boxset and New years eve! :D 

How cute are these slippers man? 

A pretty little floral owl cushion from my boyfriends mum, beautiful mirror, floral travel mug and Cath Kidson Rose scented draw liners! 

More stocking fillers, Santa lip scrub from lush (also a lush review coming soon) , the prettiest socks i have ever seen, Ted Baker lip gloss and nail varnish set in Lovely Lindy hop, Biscuit top trumps, Fearne mirror, notebook, Tissues and a little scented stamp cushion to hang on a handle on my drawer! 

A candle in a teacup, an ice cream candle, my first yankee candle in Snowflake Cookie and a little pink candle! Also one of my main presents from my parents the vera wang lovestruck perfume! 

I finally got hold of It by Alexa Chung and Billy and Me by Gi Fletcher but more importantly PETER PAN a beautiful hardback penguin copy! Yayaya! My other half and his family understand how much i have been wanting this book! I asked near enough every Bookshop owner in Hay if they hand a copy of Peter Pan in store couldn't find it anywhere! My oh my thank you santa! I also had ? Dear Fashion Diary" which I hadn't heard of before but its amazing, it may be aimed at  younger girls but its brilliant its like a fashion lovers version on the Wreck this journal craze! I will talk more on this amazing book another time! 

Finally this present I was not expecting from my grandparents but ever since I read the amazing Tanya Burr's post on homemade soup I wanted to get my self a hand blender! 

I haven't included any clothing in this post because photos of them on my bed would not have done them justice so keep your eyes peeled for a few outfit posts with my new clothes! :) 

So apart from one cushion, some joke presents such a Wallace and Gromit shaped pasta from my awesome uncle and of course lots and lots of chocolates that's what I had for christmas this year! I am soo so happy with everything and I hope you all had a great christmas and let me in the comments some off the stuff you had! 

Love Charlotte

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