Monday, 30 December 2013

Farewell 2013

Hey guys, 
So another year over.....AND A NEW ONE JUST BEGUN now before I break out into Christmas karaoke... 2013 is ready to bid us farewell so I'm going to share with you my highlights of this year in a slightly cheesy fashion! Hooray!!! 

So in many ways 2013 has been the biggest year of my life!! Mainly in terms of growing up! I'm not going to just go through the months in order talking about what happened well because that would be the obvious thing to do haha. So I'm gonna start with the fact I turned 16 this year! Everyone growing up has that age where they think that age means they will be all grown up for me that is 16! With that in mind turning 16 was a bit disappointing haha! 
This year was also the year of first when it comes to love, this year on Valentines I was asked on a date by the guy who I now proudly call my boyfriend. This was my first ever date (excluding a trip to the cinema with a guy and his mum in year 6...cringe), my first Valentine, my first proper kiss aside from truth or dare and even my first proper relationship I have had previous "boyfriends" but not a relationship! A few other firsts include first cigarette (and my only),  I want to say first time getting drunk but we all know that happened before ;D 
2013 was also the year I took my GCSEs, your whole childhood these are "scary exams that my older cousin is taking but I won't have to for years" but of course those years flew by and here I was spending my weekends locked in my room "revising". I passed most of them then in the summer hooray! I made a rational decision not to stay on at my school to study my A levels but to go to college, so that meant I left all my high school friends behind and started college on my own. Which apart from losing touch with my friends and seeing my boyfriend a lot less I am so glad I decided to change to college :)
Also in the summer my family moved, I was the only one not happy about this at all we moved for personal reasons but I just didn't want to leave my childhood home, the home I grew up in. However I am well and truly settled in the new home! :) 
In the Autumn I then started to make a small name for myself my grandad called me an "entrepreneur" haha I am exaggerating really but I now am a regular babysitter for a few family's, I clean for various people regular then most excitingly and one of my biggest achievements of the year... after applying for over 30 jobs I finally had an interview and managed to somehow get myself a small weekend job for the christmas season in retail so I managed start earning proper money and I got some much needed experience! This job also meant I had to open a bank account which is also all very exciting!  
The final big thing that happened this year was this blog! :) it all happened very suddenly and it was very rushed. I will need to take a step back at one point in the near future and sort my blog design,  learn how to edit etc! But so far I am enjoying it, having somewhere to write reviews and my thoughts on anything from the seasons to ridiculously priced clothes haha! I am taking part in the #2014bloggerchallenge and have made a few friends and I am already proud of my followers and page views so the future for A Fashion Oddity is looking bright! 

So thank you to everyone reading this and everyone who has helped make 2013 one of the best years of my life (you know who you are) 
Happy new year and best wishes to you all!
Love Charlotte

P.s. let me know in the comments what 2013 brought to you! X

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