Monday, 18 November 2013

I'm a Beauty Blogger, Get Me Out Of Here!

Week 1: I’m A Beauty Blogger, Get Me Out Of Here!

Hey guys,

Last night in the U.K the new series of "I'm a celebrity,  get me out of here!" Started!  In honour of the new series my friends at  made this tag, which I was tagged in. There will be three parts of the tag one each week until the final of the show so I'm looking forward to taking part! :)

Week 1 – So heres my answers!  :)

1) You can only take ONE product into the jungle (aka your luxury item). What would you choose and why?
2) What would be your main pre jungle worry?
3) You only have five minutes to get ready before going into the jungle, what would be your quick beauty routine?
4) Last year we saw Helen Flanagan wearing her hair in a top bun. What would be your signature hairstyle?
5) For moral support, which female celebrity would you like to be in the jungle with you?
6) Everyone’s given a role in the camp. What lifestyle skill would you bring to the jungle?
7) What one thing about being a beauty blogger sometimes makes you want to scream ‘Get Me Out Of Here’?
8) Challenge – This is a once in a life time opportunity. You’re up for a trial to face your fears or try something new, what would you choose to do and why?

1) Well the idea of being on TV for three weeks without make up freaks me out so I do want a foundation, however its Australia at the start of their summer and I have very pale skin so a sun cream would be best so to bring these items togheter I would take a tinted moisturiser with a SPF.
2) My main pre jungle worry would be living with complete strangers and being filmed 24/7
3) 5 minutes,  I have that much time anyway in the morning so quick foundation lightly brushed on, pressed poweder, grey eyeshadows, eyeliner, mascara and lip balm!
4) My hairstyle would be a messy bun because in the heat I have to have my hair swept back!
5) I would like Taylor Swift to join me for moral support!  
6) My role in camp would be the supporter, I'd listen to everyone's problems and hopefully try and keep everyone calm and friendly! 
7) The one thing about being a beauty blogger the makes me want to scream "Get Me Out Of Here" is time, trying to be organised with my blog on top of my priorities currently like my A Levels! 

8) I wouldn't face my fears through choice so I defiantly would choose the cyclone challenge!  

I tag

Love Charlotte

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  1. Great answers! Being filmed 24/7 sounds horrendous, good one! A supporter, that's such a kind role :-)

    Thanks for taking part; look forward to next week.

    Please can you add your blog link as a comment on our blog post so more people can check out your fab answers.

    x Roch & Tash x