Sunday, 3 November 2013

Review: Charles Worthington Volume blow dry spray!

Hey guys,

I recently found my volume spary that I had abandoned (god knows why) so I have a new love for it!
I have always loved Charles Worthington's products and this is know exception! 
When you first spray onto the roots it does make your hair look a little greesy however this effect doesn't last for long.
It smells absolutely gourgous which is always a plus, this also means once the smell of your shampoo from your last wash has gone it still smells amazing!
Onto the purpose of the product I find one yo have brushed it in it makes your hair so shiny (in a good way not the grease shine), it gives your hair a new lease of life and gives it a bounce however I do always expect a little more volume however it still makes your hair look amazing! I also love this product because it is also a heat protection spray! If its the day after a shower and you aren't a big one for dry shampoos then this volume spray works wonders!  :) overall I thoroughly recommend! 

P.s I am not being paid to promote or review this product this is purely my opinion

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Love Charlotte

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