Thursday, 7 November 2013

Layered Winter outfit 1: 7.11.2013 OOTD

Hey guys, I thought I' d do my first outfit of the day post and I will also do a few posts over the next few weeks about layer up to keep warm in the cold winter but still looking  little stylish! (This is something that with the quality of clothes on the high street is very useful because nothing keeps me warm)

Anyway in today's outfit I have three layers on then my coat and my scarf whilst I was out! The first is a plain white vest top, then my black denim shirt topped with a black and purple block knitted jumper!

So many people say to me wearing a knitted jumper is fine and question why I am still cold but most high street stores the knitted jumpers are pretty thin (the same as a normal t shirt) the only difference is the material,  this is why I need to layer!

Teamed with the spike necklace and my biker boats I thoughts the dark colours looked amazing and I maneged to stay so warm and cozy all day but I was still confident in my outfit! :)

Shirt: new look sale in January
Jumper:Internationale in march
Necklace: New look sale last month!

Hope you enjoyed this kinda of post let me know if its been at all usefull! :)

Love Charlotte

P.s watcha think of the Miley style buns haha? X

P.S.S excuse them poorquality and range of photos once again x

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