Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Top tip| DIY liquid/gel eye liner!

Hey guys,
This is a really really simple DIY, my trusty liquid eyeliner has run out and I currently have £2 to my name so I came up with this as a temporary back up!
All you need is a kohl or pencil eyeliner and a lit match, lighter or candle. I recommend a candle because you can use it again straight after without having to re light a match!
Hold the penicl just above the flame for a few seconds, wait a few seconds for it to cool and apply to the eye like normal liquid eye liner! This makes pencil eyeliner I lot softer to apply to the eye and therefore easy for doing wings or flicks it also makes the line a lot bolder!
This has worked wonders for me let me know if you find it useful and would like me tip pages like this!
(In the picture the bottem two lines are the before and the above lines is after using the flame, excuse the blurriness in the picture)
Love Charlotte

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