Monday, 7 October 2013

My A/W wishlist! 2013

Hey girlies
Tomorrow evening I will be attending the student lock-in in Cardiff! So many shops and restaurants have up to 40% of and goodie backs and stuff! Its gonna be amazing!
So me being to OCD organised person I have planned out exactly what I am hoping to buy so here's my list of things I need for the next seasons that I will be getting tomorrow night
  • A baseball top
  • A new everyday belt
  • A chucky statement necklace
  • New lingerie
  • A winter dress
  • More jumpers
  • A sweat shirt
  • A pair of ankle boat or loafer shoes 
  • A new foundation
  • Hopefully a palate from urban decay
  • A blouse
  • A tartan skirt
  • Some extra things for my Halloween costume (no spoilers there)
So I am looking forward to experiencing the atmosphere at this event, taking advantage of the discounts and picking up a lot of freebies and goodie bags, I'll take lots of photos and let you see all my lovely purchase's!
Wish me luck on my shopping trip!
Love Charlotte

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