Monday, 30 September 2013

Hello October!

Hey Girlies,

So my little oddbods tomorrow is the start of October!
I personally love October, it is one of my favourite months!
I love going on walks and crunching on the leaves, I love it starting to get cold, I love Halloween time to get all dressed up as a few of my favourite characters such as Columbia from the rock horror picture show or Wednesday from The Adams family, I love all the orange and red colour's on the trees among many other things!
There are many things I want to get done this October. I want to;
  • Start baking cakes a lot more
  • Go on a few winter walks with my boyfriend
  • Watch The Breakfast Club
  • Start my Christmas shopping
  • Write my Christmas list
  • Be more organised with this blog and my YouTube channel I need to post and upload on more of a regular basis and I need to make more notes and plan my blog.
  • Hopefully get a part time job
What things do you love and look forward to about October, let me know in the comments!
Love Charlotte

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