Sunday, 29 September 2013

A much needed Coffee and Catch up!

Hey girlies!

So its been nearly two months since I last spoke to you guys! So I feel we need a little catch up so please crap and drink and some biccies and enjoy my summer summary stories! :D about a few of the things I got up to through August (the summer since my last post) and September!

So the I was involved in organising a few holiday clubs for children within various churches in my town which took up a few weeks! Then I went to stay with my grandparents in Somerset for a second time, this time we took a daytrip up to London which we went on the London eye, to an Art gallery and the science museum we also went to the Bristol Balloon Fiesta and visited the S.S great Britain ship in Bristol! I spent many days with my boyfriend just chilling and watching films I also got to meet his amazing little nieces which was awesome.

Soon enough moving day rolled around, I may not have mentioned this. I really did not want to move but it had to be done. After moving day I spent a lot of time tidying and organising. in the new house we also had about 4 weeks with no internet (main reason for my absence).

The day after moving day was my G.C.S.E results day. I was so so so nervous I would not pass the subjects I needed. I was pretty much sure I would fail all the science's. Anyway so I went up to my old school in Cardiff, met y boyfriend and we opened our results together. I had amazing results I got more than what I needed and was beyond happy :DD , then my family came over my boyfriends for cake and stuff, we met a few of our friends for school in the park to celebrate then walked his dog on Caerphilly mountain.

My parents then treated my to a meal in my favourite pub to  celebrate

The next day I went straight up to Cheltmen (in England) to go to a Festival called GreenBelt it is a festival of the faiths, justice and the arts. I had a brilliant time with all my friends camping, dressing up, going to see bands, talks and go shopping!

After Greenbelt my 11 week summer holiday was nearly over!

It was time to start college!

I choose to leave my school and leave all my friends behind to go to the amazing new college closer to my home (My college's website) I am studying Art, R.S and Sociology A level!

                                          ( this is the beautiful sunset I noticed the other week...WOW)

                                                               ( a piece by Gary Green)
                                                              ( a piece by Jess Moss)
                                                    ( a piece by Neil Burridge)

My final story now ( whoop... you all cry). I was recently invited to the opening of a new exhibition in my local art gallery! the exhibition is called "F5" the artists are five lecturers from the university of south wales and the pieces are some of their personal work. It was a wonderful evening I had the chance to talk to some of the artist and experience an opening. Being lectures for many of them it was their first time having work up in a gallery so it was amazing to whiteness I could tell how hard they had worked to get their and it really inspired me.

( Y Galeri's website)

Hope this little insight to what I have been getting up too hasn't been too boring!
Please leave any comments if you were at any of these events or how your results were etc!
If you would like more posts like this , me letting you into my life then also let me know!
Thank you!
Love Charlotte

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