Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Great Gatsby

 Hi guys,

So I recently went to see The Great Gatsby in the cinema with a few old friends.  Before going I didn't know much about the story I had always wanted to read the book one day but I had never got round to it and saw the film anyway!  Even though I live by the rule always read the book then watch the film. So the film was just simply beautiful the set was amazing, the story was amazing I even cried I didn't actually realise it was a love story and love story's are one of my favourite things ever, the acting was amazing and of course the costumes were beautiful!  

So it got me even more inspired by the jazz era, the days of the flapper dresses and 1920s America! 
Carey Mulligan looked simply mind blowing through the film.....

( Mulligan in Miu Miu dress embroidered with Swarovski elements and heels)

(Carey Mulligan in Tiffany jewellery for The Great Gatsby) 
(tiffany & co. for The Great Gatsby) 
(one of Catherine Martine's designs for the great Gatsby)

My personal style isn't very formal or feminine at all, you will never see me in a blouse or pale colours.  Yet I was still wondering how to but the key elements of "The Great Gatsby" style 
Into todays life especially in teens. I feel the key things are jewelled headbands, cream a lot of cream, lots of jewellery and wide leg trousers.
These 3 item's stood out the most for me first off all this leaf embellishment top which is simple yet beautiful and very modern. I would pair it with a black blazer and skinny jeans maybe for a meal out.

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I also love this white fringe shift dress. I think it still has a 20's flapper feel about it but it looks so young and free. I would team it with a leather jacket, black wedges and red lippy maybe for a house party.
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And finally I love this peach shell embroidered blouse. The pattern is beautiful. I would wear it with a grey cardigan and blue jeans.

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Love Charlotte 

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