Sunday, 9 June 2013


These are my two favourite nail vanishes at the moment!
The pinky colour is from NYC new york colour in shade Lincoln Square Lavender, it was given to me as a present but I am I sure its available in Superdrug and boots. (I found a link anyway, Buy Here)
The second colour is from Barry M this is the first product I have bought from Barry M. It is called Amethyst Glitter. I bought it purely because the colour is so beautiful.  It is a glitter on the photographs it looks purple but it is more multi-coloured there is pink, gold, sky blue and purple glitter. You can wear it on its on or paint a background colour first which I always do. However I was disappointed with the quality. It chips so bad. I got caught on my tights, ripped my tight and the whole glitter layer came off. Each time I have worn it, it only last about three hours before it starts chipping. However I still recommend it because it is so gorgeous if it goes with a simple statement dress three hours into a party nobody will notice. (Buy Here)

Love Charlotte

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