Sunday, 30 June 2013

My Year 11 Prom!

Hey guys, last Thursday I had my year 11 leavers prom.
This was my outfit the dress was perfect I wanted a short dress and it had to be purple I did really want lace. After months of shopping on the sales in shops like house of Fraser and online prom dress shop I was becoming really desperate so I was in Cardiff shopping for a dress with mum and we had been literally everywhere when she suggested I look in Tk-Max. I have never been a big fan of tk-max really yes the stuff is cheap but everything is all over the place and it feels like shopping in a jumble sale but we went in. I saw this straight away on the edge of the clearance rail and instantly fell in love with it. it was purple, short, sparkly and everything I wanted and the best bit is it was only £30!!!!!!
My mum bought the purple clutch bag for my birthday, the black wedges I already owned from new look and the necklace was only £2.50 from Claire's.
I am proud of how little I spent on prom because I still loved everything I wore, honestly the dress made me feel beautiful and I had a great night. Some girls I know spent ridiculous amounts on prom for one night and they complained about how painful everything they wore was and I doubt they will have many chances to wear their dresses again.
So overall with the low budget for my prom outfit I couldn't be happier with the outcome and how I looked on the night.
Love Charlotte

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