Thursday, 6 June 2013

Leather look pinafore!

Hey Guys,
It was my 16th birthday about five weeks ago but because of my exams I haven't really had a chance to go shopping and spend my birthday money but I did go quickly into outfit last weekend because I had an outfit gift card! (Outfit is just one big store in the U.K selling clothes from a number of big U.K chains such a TopShop and Miss Selfridge, its amazing!  :D). This gift card was worth £20 which in topshop can probably get you a plain white tank top and that's about it so of course I had to look in the sales.
I was mainly looking for some new pieces for my summer wardrobe especially a versatile denim jacket, a sun dress or a pinafore!
I found some beautiful denim jackets but the cheapest I saw was £45. Then I was tempted by a navy pinafore playsuit with gold buttons on the straps it was very tailored and nautical!  But I don't often wear navy or anything nautical because red isn't really my colour so I decided to keep looking. 
I was about to give up and keep the money for another time when right at the back of the sale rack I spotted a leather pinafore!  I am obsessed with leather. I wear my leather look jacket with everything and my real leather boots I live in so I had always wanted to buy some leather shorts or a skirt. So this was amazing getting a pinafore and leather skirt in one. It has silver buttons and a zip pocket going across the chest which I think gives it even more of an edgier look.
It is a U.K size six/ European 34 so the skirt is very tight on me because I am close to a size eight but apart from that it fits nicely!
However I am very unsure about what to wear with it. I think I sleek white shirt maybe with studs on he collar would work nicely but I never wear shirts or blouses. I also think I would wear tights with it but you can't wear black on black so I doubt I will be wearing it out any time soon.
Here's the best part the price. It was originally priced at £42 in Miss Selfridge!  Ridiculously expensive!  The sale sticker said £15 and hen when I got to the till it came up as £10!!! Amazing!

(watch, urban outfitters given to me as a gift)

Love Charlotte

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