Monday, 1 July 2013

My Summer Essentials - Latest Bargins! (June 2013)

Hey guys so I finally spent the last part of my outfit gift card, in miss Selfridge again.
I got two garments for an amazing £24!
First I got this very unusual day dress. it is a very thin beautifully woven white and lilac stripe pattern. It is also so soft and my colour so I fell in love with it straight away. It fits me perfectly and I love the lower neckline on the back I think it is very flattering.
(it is reduced to £15 but some stores are taking an extra 20% of sale so I only paid £12)

The second piece I bought was this perfect little denim skirt. It has silver buttons going down the front and has a very simple tie dye effect. There are also two very cute side pockets. I just love it.
I again only paid £12 for this what a bargain! 
Unfortunately I was unable to find it online but I am pretty sure it will still be in most stores.

My final piece I have been wanting for what seems like forever it is the adorable t shirt from H&M with the cutest scene in all time Disney history on in a graphic print from one of my favourite films ever Lady & the tramp. It is just so adorable.  

Love Charlotte 

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